Blue Mountain haiku
celebrate the bright new year
refreshed and joyful


Shelly Emmett
Shelly Emmett


Winter sun rises,
Reaching us over the ridge.
Welcome! Pure, warm light.

The Fellowship
Corey Avellar
Corey Avellar


     Mad Scientists
Shawna Williams & June Kelly 
Shawna Williams
June Kelly


Christmas crackers pop

Each holds a fun gift inside

You cannot eat them



Beautiful dresses

Wear them to the Christmas ball

Look like a princess



Snowman, presents, snow

Chocolate with marshmallows

Christmas things I like



Snowmen, sleds, presents

Snow angels, snowballs, Santa,

And hot chocolate



Decorate the tree

Bake Christmas cookies for Santa

Open the presents



Growing leaps and bounds

In knowledge, body, spirit

Our Blue Mountain School


Classroom give and take

Wonder who's learning the most

Student or teacher




Hatching Playful Dragons
Hari Berzins & June Kelly 
Hari Berzins
June Kelly


Sledding in the snow

Staying in the house it's warm

Watching more movies



Building a snowman

Throwing snowballs at my dad

Building a snowshield



Pretty menorahs

Baking cookies with Laura

Presents from the gnomes



Winter is good because

Of Christmas and snowball fights

Just fun anyway



I like Christmas day

You get a bunch of presents

And some candy too



You will get presents

Decorate the Christmas tree

And sing "Jingle Bells"


I like presents, school
I like that I am alive
I like counting four

Invisible Magic Horses
Stefi Schafer & Ashley Morales
Stefi Schafer
Ashley Morales

Invisible play
Magic learning is their work
Horses running free

Yoga & Physical Education
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy


Hanukkah, Christmas

Kwaanza, Solstice, together 

honoring the light

Windy night is long
Winter creeps into my bones
Whispering slow down

Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan


looking at circles
we began the new school year
look where we are now

the days fly right by
having fun in the art room
many great projects....

nature mandalas
drawing the circle of life
painting fall colors

messy plaster cast
making sculptures out of sticks
personal collage

taking a short break
is beneficial for all
as we end the year

but school will be back
as we all circle around
to the new year!

Contemplative Studies


Snow, clear sky, bright star

I breathe these in and out...aah 

what is there but now

Creative Expression
Beth Spillman
Beth Spillman


Body masks the soul
Dressed up for the earth contra
dance to shape the light

We hope you enjoyed
This peek into our school home.
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Thank you, friends and kin.  
The folks at Blue Mountain School
Wish, "Happy New Year!"

In This Issue
The Fellowship
Mad Scientists
Hatching Playful Dragons
Invisible Magic Horses
Yoga & PE
Contemplative Studies
Creative Expression
Jan 5: No School - Staff Development
Jan 6: Half Day (9 to 1)
Jan 19: MLK, Jr., Celebration (2:30) 

Board of Trustees

Join the Board each month
Second Wed at half past five
Learn how the school runs. 
In Gratitude We Thank

Everyone who helped prepare for the Winter Celebration!

Andy & Susan Morikawa
for donating to the Sustaining Our Mission campaign.

Ann Roberts for donating her time at the recent staff and board retreat.

The Floyd Fund for funding the grant BMS received from the Community Foundation of the NRV.

The Atkins-Scott Family
for taking care of the school dragon, Spike, during the winter.

Andy & Carol Volker for donating headphones and a mixer.

Rebekah Hicks, Linda Johnson, and Martha Taylor
for helping in the classroom.



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