Best party of the year?
This is the one and only...
Floyd Mardi Gras Ball!

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Shelly Emmett
Shelly Emmett
Making New Year's Day
collages together. What
will the New Year bring? 

Knights of the Round Trailer
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson
going sledding yay
feeding the chickadees seeds
at chickadee ridge

- Amelia

new blankets of white
many children laughing bright
cocoa melts snowflakes

- Andy 

I love winter time
sitting by the warm fire
drinking hot cocoa

watching snowflakes fall
throwing snow at my sister
getting punished now

- Grace

Alonzo Eva
Gabriel Indigo
Reuben Summit
Tara Tara

Black Falcons
Shawna Williams & Shelly Sherman
Shawna Williams
Shelly Sherman

Goodbye and hello
Endings and new beginnings
The future awaits!

Teja Leah
Loic Kayim

Ruby Diamond Dragons
Hari Berzins & Jenni Heartway
Hari Berzins
Jenni Heartway
Jenni says...

Now, the longest night,
The warm, golden sun returns
And we are cozy.

Hari says...

Take a breath and see
the light in each moment
a blessing to all.

Rosa Sharks
Stefi Schafer
Stefi Schafer

Ein glückliches neues Jahr!
Winter in my German home
is great! See you soon!

Yoga & Physical Education
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy
Sun out of order
Don't you know we need your warmth?
Winter solstice comes

Cycles come and go
Deep within the earth, stillness
Waiting for green buds

Snowing, ground all white
Grabbing my mat, SNOW YOGA!
Frozen Feet....gone in

Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan
I love when the leaves 
fall off of the trees, and we
get to see their bones

Contemplative Studies
Snow, rejoices cloud
See the pure light blanket
Bird prints on the path

Winter solstice touch
Your coldness quivers me, burr
Old quilt, warm fire

Wind howls still tree
Branches knocking like a drum
What kind of silence is this?

Jami Eaton
Jami Eaton
¡Feliz Hanukkah!
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
Happy holidays!

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The folks at Blue Mountain School
Wish, "Happy New Year!"

In This Issue
Jan 1 - 5: Winter Break
Jan 6: Back to school!
Jan 8: Friday classes begin
Jan 14: Enrichment class field trip
Jan 15: Half day followed by goal-setting conferences
Jan 18: MLK, Jr, Celebration (2:30)
Feb 6: Mardi Gras Ball

Friday classes start
for elementary kids
January 6.

Want your young one in
preschool or kindergarten
to come? Let us know.

Board of Trustees

Join the Board each month
Second Wed at half past five
Learn how the school runs.  
In Gratitude We Thank
Jewish Communal Fund for the Gralla Family Philanthropic Fund, Luke Staengl, Charmian Washburn, and Erika Johnson for donating to the scholarship fund.

Lara Miller and her family for caring for Spike the Dragon during the winter.

Zion Lutheran Church for allowing us to use their space for our Winter Celebration.

Everyone who helped set up for and clean up after our Winter Celebration, and to everyone who brought food to share.

Jami Eaton and Rissy and Casey for sharing the Menorah lighting at our Winter Celebration.

Linda Johnson, Jessica Maas, and Max Biskup
for helping in the classroom.

Wes Wenger for leading Soccer Tuesdays.



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