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Shelly Fox
Shelly Fox
In honor of you
We will tell stories, laugh, and
Remember your light.

The Lunas
Holly Haworth
Holly Haworth


By Reuben

The season is cold.
The plants are gone. Dead and gone.
Snowmen are dancing.

The summer has gone
along with the birds. It's gone.
Cold weather has come.

The fire is list.
It is cold outside today.
The snowmen are built.

By Grace

I am looking outside
I do not see any snow
It is very cold

I see a bird fly
Through the cold, grey sky
It lands on a tree

The sun is shining
It is very, very cold
The wind is blowing

By Eva

It is not snowing.
There is no snow. It is sad.
Why is there no snow?

I wish snow was here.
Why is the sun still shining?
I'm so sad. No snow.

It's not very cold.
I'm so sad there is no snow.
The birds are chirping.

By Billy

The snow is snowing
The sun is shining. It's cold.
It's warm in my room.

Drinking eggnog, yum!
Outside it is snowy cold.
I want to be warm.

The birds are chirping.
The bears are hibernating.
I'm wanting to sleep.

By Tara

Chilly, wet, windy
Leaves are crunching underfoot
Tree minds are dormant

It is cold outside --
I sit at my desk writing
I wish snow would fall

The flowers have died
All the leaves have fallen down
It is cold outside

By Keenan

I sit in the cold
Wondering, how the snow's falling
Like a cat's silent paws

The breeze blows on your
Bringing the icy air into lungs
Then I walk into warmth

I sit in my room
Looking out of my window
At the frosted lawns

By Amelia

Snow is falling down
Small stars falling from heaven,
Covering everything

The cold winter wind
Blows snow across the mountain
I sip warm hot chocolate

Ice covers the ground
Plants are all dead or sleeping
The sky is darker

By Iris

Snow is falling
Winter trees are blowing now.
Wind blows on my hair, now

Beneath my bare feet
I feel cold wet grass today.
I love this weather

The sun through window.
The trees are blowing today
Snow is coming soon

By Alonzo

Sledding down a hill,
Snow is flying in my face,
Hot cocoa after.

Snowmen are outside,
Huddled up in families,
Warm scarves on their necks.

Warm tea down my throat,
Cold Snow is falling outside,
The feel of comfort.

Golden-Black Koalas
Shelly Sherman
Shelly Sherman
By Wubi

In the desert heat
In the middle of the day
I leap over rocks

By Milo

I went to the beach
in Florida, it was hot
during winter time

I swam in the sea
we saw horses on the beach
it was a good trip

By Anya

You know what I lost?
I lost my favorite toy.
What is the toy, Mike?

The toy is a ball.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Let's go get the toy!

By Cedar

Building Legos and
Watching movies cuddled up
I love winter break.

By Eva Rose

chilly hands snow days
hot cocoa fills me up yay
I wear boots today

By Milo's Dad, Justin

beach, ocean, I was
water lapping at castle,
sand, sun, dreaming of

By Anya's Uncle, Craig

AFC West, ouch!
Raiders look bad from the couch
Bill Belichick choke

By Shelly

a new year to be
together mindfully 
my heart is ready

Rainbow Jellybean Worm Snakes
Hari Berzins & Jenni Heartway
Hari Berzins
Jenni Heartway
By Mena

I like to snowboard
Snowball fights with Louisa
I like to sled fast

By Bailey

Go to a party
Frozen creek -- ice skating
Eating some ice cones

By Avery B

Brand new baby goats
Hot cocoa with candy canes
Winter ice skating

By Carter

Snowball fights with Dad
Hot cocoa with marshmallows
Making walls outside

By Aden

Wow! Playing Minecraft
Watching YouTube by myself
Sleeping in my bed

By Casey

Eat Italian ice
Look for Teja on YouTube
Drink peppermint tea

By Avery AB

I will eat some snow
Play video games
Drink hot chocolate

By Wren

Cuddle with Firefly
Help my mama make cookies
Drink hot chocolate

By Sully

Nerf fighting with cousins
I might go to Mexico
Opening presents

Flying Rainbow Turtles
Stefi Schafer & Tammie Sarver
Stefi Schafer
Tammie Sarver

No leaves, snowflakes, ice
Today I wear my mittens
Hands in my pockets

Hungry birds in snow
We see them through the window
Birdfeeder friendship

Bigger than people
Black bears, brown bears hibernate
I wear my mittens

Yoga & Physical Education
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy
tree eagle dog snake
can you practice during break?
feel the magic in

i hear you laughing
giving and sharing in love
holiday fun arrives

sadness... green had faded
closing my eyes...feeling earth sleep
she will rise again

Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan
the time has come for
us to take a little break
until the new year

i look forward to
spending time with family
and then returning

Contemplative Studies
Getting Oolong

fragrant mountain pine
cloud mist frankincense with myrrh
what's steeping in this pot?

crisp cold fresh air ........ breathe
What's that flurry in the sky?
oh! snow, snow...snow, snow

holiday sights and smells
shedding light upon us all
shh!......... nature's speaking

Corey Avellar
Corey Avellar
It is winter at last.
It is time to hibernate.
Thus a winter break.

However I guess,
With Holidays on the way.
There's no time to rest.

But after the fun
You should do your best to stop
Get snugly and read.

Get cozy and play.
Drink some hot chocolate or tea.
Take time for a nap.

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The folks at Blue Mountain School
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