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It's the Holiday Haikus! 

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Floyd Mardi Gras Ball!  

February Tenth, Dogtown 

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Shelly Fox
Shelly Fox
My wish: that we all
Remember that we have more
In common, than not.

The Burritos
Holly Haworth
Holly Haworth

By Nyjah  
The wind is blowing
snow is covering the ground
writing a haiku

By Iris  
I sit near my fire
poring down over my book
I'm loving what is

By Rowan  
It's cold the last snow
the trees have lost all their leaves
there are gusts of wind

By Kanaya  
It is very cold
soccer season is over
I have to wear gloves

By Grace
The violet thorns
move in the pine-scented breeze
shadows in the snow

By Miya  
It is cold outside
The frozen icicles drip
I stare mesmerized

By Alonzo
Dog sleeps by warm fire
Snow falls outside, branches hang
down like white glassy cloaks

By Julian  
Down we are going
The snow in our faces
Branches at our backs

Black, Fire-Breathing Pythons
Shelly Sherman
Shelly Sherman
By Milo
Snowflakes are different
like us, I mean people
Go us, all us people
By Carter
Snow is cold in the
winter I like playing in
the moist white melts
Hot Chocolate
By Anya
By the fire brrrr
Cold chills running down my spine
Dad, make cocoa, yay!
By Hazel Phoenix
Snowflakes on the ground
January is the best
I love this season
By Eve
I have a sweet dog
His legs kick in his weird dreams
His name is John Max
Joy in January
By Gallia
Outside the snow falls
See the crackling fire
The feeling of joy
By Teja
Fire burns in the stove
Fire dangerous burns your skin
Burning hot a lot
By Loic
Snowflakes are yummy
in my tummy they make
me giggle so much
When the Snow Falls
By Rhys
When the snow falls down
Look at the beautiful icicles
Good night to all people
By Shelly
January, please
be blue skies and sunshine too
Even if it's cold
By Sully
No cold no cold yes
Yes yes cold no yes yes yes
No cold no yes yes
By Aden
I need recess can
We have recess pretty please
I need recess please
By Cedar
Hedgehogs are so cute
They are so adorable
Opal is so cute

Lemon Turquoise
Discovery Dragon Butterflies
Jenni Heartway & Anna Nation
Anna Nation
Jenni Heartway
By Malachai

Christmas! Christmas! 1!
My birthday after Christmas.
Christmas! Christmas! 1!
By Juniper

I will play in snow.
If it snows, I'll eat the snow.
I will fall in snow.
By Neave

When will Christmas come?
Christmas, it's hard to wait.
I want you here, now!
By Wren

The pot is hot, now.
So, it is time to eat soup.
Let's put the bowls out.
By Avery PB

Christmas time is good.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!
It is a good time.
By Arthur

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Whoa! Go, go Santa Claus! Go!
Santa Claus is here.
By Casey

Christmas, oh Christmas.
Oh, everyday of the year,
I wish you were here!
By Lucas

Bump, Bump, Crash, Bump, Bump
It's bumping in the forest.
Morning and midnight.
By Rhett

Squid has 1 eyeball.
A squid attacks a human.
Gets ink in his eyes.
By Elijah

I like winter break!
I like Christmas time! Hurrah!
I like cookies.  Yum!
By Bailey

I love you today.
Wish you a Merry Christmas.
"Eep Opp Ork!" means love.
By Sorjn

An alligator.
Oh no! How will I get in?
It is on my leg!
By Avery AB

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
It is Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!
Christmas Day is great!
By Rowan

You relax on break.
I'll be with my mom and dad.
Go see my grandma!

Shiny Inchworms
Stefi Schafer & Tammie Sarver
Stefi Schafer
Tammie Sarver


Balancing friendship
growing stronger all the days
we are together

Woods Wednesdays

wonder in our environment
outside learning growth

Yoga & Physical Education
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy
Chilly wind on my nose
Breathing in, cold rests on my inner being
I settle into winter

Taking time for family
Sleeping in
Waking up to snow and play

Sun setting early
The shadows enters my bones
I bow to the darkness.

Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan
winter break for all
enjoying warm times inside
maybe take a walk

Contemplative Studies
     as snowflakes precisely land
     deep incense floating

     blustery mind,grasping
     hot tea soothing, magic cup
     holding emptiness

     white covered trees
     shielded from the bitter cold
     open view  mu shin

     paying attention
     clear sky fresh air stunned beauty
     winter turns us in

     see the snow falling
     the air..crisp...clear....purify
     healing my spirit

Corey Avellar
Corey Avellar
Once I sang a song
I sang it out from my heart
For no one but me

Once I spun around
And I did a crazy dance
For no one but me

Together we share
Would you like to hear and see?
Come have fun with me?

I will not be shy
It is safe to experiment
What could be more fun?

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Citizens Telephone Cooperative for donating internet services.

Clark Gas & Oil for keeping us and our water toasty warm.  



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