Happy New Year!         

Slide into the year
with holiday hiakus and
lots of fresh, new days!

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Shelly Fox & Heidi Dickens
Shelly Fox
Heidi Dickens
Shelly says...

Embers mirror stars,
Warm us on the longest night
Tree-ringed fire sparks joy.

Heidi says...

Welcome the long nights
Bask in the glow of embers
Be mindful, the light.

Special Pickle Kids
Holly Haworth
Holly Haworth
Those purple finches
            flitting in the autumn trees-
where have they flown to?

Thirty-five winters
            these eyes have seen. Still!-the way
the night sky sparkles


I want to be warm
            but in winter it is cold-
Outside, but not inside

Chickens in the snow
            All the chickens have cold feet-
They chicken-walk home
Snow silently falling
            covering everything in sight
as the cat watches
snow blankets the ground
piles and piles and piles of snow
it's a white winter

It's getting colder
            The trees are bare, with no leaves
Creatures are sleeping

TheˈfəNGkē Wolf Gang
Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan

The ˈfəNGkē Wolves learned that Haiku's are a form of tradition Japanese poetry, typically written to capture the essence of a present moment in  nature, using descriptive words to appeal to the reader's senses.  The structure of the poem being 5-7-5 is not always strictly adhered to, as capturing the present moment and essence of that moment in nature is of more importance.  So we took our pencils and paper outside, sat in the winter sunshine, and experienced nature through written words.....

by Lucy

by Eva-Rose

by Eve

by Loic

by Gallia

by Rhys

by Wubi

by Lore


Yellow Electric Wiggly Weasles
Shelly Sherman
Shelly Sherman

The Tree by Casey

I once saw a tree
covered in frost and snow but
I did not know lol

It's Cold! by Otis

The cold burned my cheek
soft as a blanket it fell
the dead plants waved.

A Snowy Day by Sully

Bits of snow falling
The crunch of snow under my foot
Street lamps reflecting

Cold Weather by Hazel

Pine trees laced in snow
Mountains covered in blankets
Frozen water falls

Snow by Isa

The wind, sleds sledding
Snow flakes fall with delight
Cold but beautiful

Snow by Cedar

Surrounded by white
Snow cruncching under my feet
Icicles dripping

Snow Melting by Milo

Squirrels hiding their nuts
Snow crunching under my booths
Icicles hanging off roofs

Snow Fall by Avery

A red squirrel buries
his nuts in a snow bank to...
but the squirell falls in.

Snowman by Gabi

A tiny ball of
snow, I roll until it gro2s
a carrot and a hat

The Ice by Aden

The ice freezes fast
It breaks like a spider's web
It is slippery.

Golden Crystal Turquoise Dragons
Tammie Sarver
Tammie Sarver

by The Golden Crystal Turquoise Dragons

White and fluffy falls
Cold and wet in the winter
Crystals or the ground

The Wonderful Weather
by Bailey
White and Bright Winter
Beautiful cold foggy snow
I build a snowman

Winter Wonderland
by Elijah and Ben
Snowflakes flurry in.
Foggy snow in the white
is fun to play in.

by Avery  
Snowflakes are our friends
They descend when winter comes
Making white blankets.

by Myla
It is very cold
It's fun to play with
It makes me happy

by Juniper
Wet and helpful
Fun and yummy
I love it
The Bird
by Wren
Wrens fly away fast
Underneath the willow tree
It is Spring and hot

by Neave
Grows on the planet
It blows tall in the wild wind
It is soft and lush

by Wren, Juniper, Ben, Elijah, Myla
Happy day counting
From one, two, three to old age.
Celebrating you.

Secret Magic Amberwings
Jenni Heartway
Jenni Heartway
Chilly weather here!
Cozy up with a good book...
Snuggle up and read!

Blue Mountain Flying Unicorns
Stefi Schafer & Angie Barrett
Stefi Schafer
Angie Barrett

Flying Unicorns
Lots of friendship near and far. 
Letter writing fun!

Yoga & P.E.
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy
I wish for you light
may your break be nourishing
family, pause, joy

Seasons, cycles, depth
sitting in one place for a while.
teach me the old ways.

Contemplative Studies
cold...crisp...starry night
     scents of warm friendly delight
     dancing with soft snow

clear sky...mind calm...clear
     open door, fragrant insight
     who is that "I am?"

Drama & Art
Corey Avellar
Corey Avellar
Wait...do you feel it?
Anticipation of snow
Air's crisp excitement.

Forest Programs
Jenni Heartway & Tammie Sarver

Jenni Heartway
Tammie Sarver
Soup on the hot fire.
Warmth to last the winter.
This year's a wrap.

We have a few spaces open in Forest School (ages 7-11) for our Spring Sessions, and we are taking names for the waiting list for Forest Kindergarten (ages 3-6). Both programs start in March. Email or call 540-745-4234 to get on the list!


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Upon the Earth Services for plowing the parking lot during the last big snow.

Zion Lutheran Church for allowing us to use their space for our Winter Celebration.

Citizens Telephone Cooperative for working tirelessly to help us update our networks.

Blue Ridge Accounting & Tax for keeping our books.  
Citizens Telephone Cooperative for donating internet services.
Clark Gas & Oil
for keeping us and our water toasty warm. 



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