We are having a wonderful summer and hope that you are, too!

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Summer Camp at BMS
Shelly Emmett
Shelly Emmett


One of the things I really enjoyed about our summer camps this year was that we had quite a few new students and families joining us. Some were new to the area and will be students here in the Fall, some are students elsewhere who we just got to meet for camp. Either way, I like having the opportunity to meet new families and help them get acclimated to our school community.  


Watching BMS students welcome new students is also fun and a great reminder of how in-the-moment kids are: they don't really care whether someone goes to Willis Elementary, is visiting grandparents who live in Floyd, or just moved here from far away. None of that matters when you are at summer camp and you want to have fun with new and old friends! What matters is creating a great game to play together, racing down the big slip-and-slide, or sitting on the grass in the shade and eating a snack together.  


Treasure Seekers and Secret Hideouts Camp, Energy is Everything Camp, and Theater Art Camp each offered great activities for kids, but I have a feeling that no matter what the theme, the kids would have had fun and enjoyed getting to know each other all the same!

Check out the Blue Mountain School Family Facebook page for more photos from summer camp.

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Welcome from Parent Collective
Jessi Howell
Jessi Howell

The Blue Mountain School Parent Collective is a collection of BMS parents from each class who help link teachers, the BMS board, and families through communication and social opportunities. The Parent Collective has the opportunity to help out with events such as fundraisers, BMS events, and community education and communication. Meeting a handful of times each semester, the Parent Collective has a chance to be an intimate part of the school community.

My name is Jessi and my son, Tiamon, will be entering Kindergarten at Blue Mountain School this fall. I am a member of the BMS Board of Directors, and this year I will be responsible for leading the Parent Collective.  My goal for this year is for every parent at BMS to feel welcomed and included and to be involved in the school in some way.

We want the Parent Collective to have one energetic contact for each classroom, someone who would be able to distribute information and tasks to the other parents in their classroom.  Since I am leading the Parent Collective and will be working with Shelly, Carol, and the Teachers on what they need from us, I will still be seeking a lead parent for the Kindergarten class as well.  If you think you would make a great lead parent for your child's classroom please get in touch with me!  If we can have the beginnings of this web of parent communication before the beginning of the school year, then we should be off to a great start for 2014-15!

You can reach me by phone or text at 540-230-5352 or by email.

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Enjoy the summer!
The office is on summer hours through the middle of August, so if you need office assistance, please call (540-745-4234) or email before you come out to make sure someone will be available to help you. 
The Board will meet next on August 13 at 5:30 in the enrichment room. The public is welcome to attend.


In Gratitude We Thank

Joelle Shenk from the New River Stage for working with our theater camp students.

Layla Emmett, Madeline Emmett, Adrian Green, Maren Weber, and Camille Terrill for helping out at summer camp.

Margie Bishop for donating books.

Mike Jones for providing massages at the Farmers Market in exchange for donations for the school. 

Warren Lapine and Angela Kessler for paying the school's mortgage.



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