Summer is half way over, and though the BMS teachers and staff have had time for a bit of a break, we are all continuing to work hard!

So far this summer, we've hosted over 100 kids during two weeks of summer camp, we've welcomed friends new and old to the first two sessions of our summer play group, and we are preparing to head out to FloydFest next weekend to provide child care.

Our third and final week of camp ( Build It! - August 8-12) is quickly approaching with a few spots still available, there are five more chances to visit us for play group (Mondays at 10), and we'll be at Yoga Jam over the Labor Day weekend.

OH! And we are creating a new program for the Fall - Friday Forest Kindergarten with Jenni!

Phew! All that, and we are also working on moving things around a bit, painting some rooms, fixing things that need fixing, and last but  certainly not least, welcoming several new teachers!

Be sure to mark your calendars for our Back-to-School Tea on August 24th at 5:30, and our first day back is August 29th. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Stay tuned to your email and our Facebook group for more information and pictures.

Big, Messy Art Camp
Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan
What a mess we made! Thank you to all my artist friends who joined me and Jenni, Ashley, Lily, Cedar, Layla, and Jessica at camp. Here are just some of the great pictures we took at camp. You can check out all of them on our Facebook Group. See you next year!

(Splatter Painting)

(Painting with fly swatters)

(Face painting)

(Face painting)

(Tie Dye T-Shirts)

(Painting with Shaving Cream)

Forest Forts Camp
Jenni Heartway
Jenni Heartway
55 campers
28 miles
13 forts
5 days
5 instructors
4 Junior Counselors
and LOTS and LOTS of fun!

What an exciting week of camp! This year we expanded our building area (thanks to our neighbors at Jubilee!) and also provided programming for older campers under the guidance of Ezekiel Fugate.

The group I worked with this year was very eager to get started on their forts. The forts they created were amazing! The campers built sliding doors, places for pets, fire pits, showers and much more.
Under the guidance of Ashley Morales, our youngest friends worked together as one big team to build their fort that they colored with a rainbow of sidewalk chalk. The littlest campers also painted with bits of nature, made nature wands, and did lots of exploring.

The most interesting part for me this year was watching the campers who were returning for their 3rd year of fort building.  Seeing them, their building skills, and their confidence outdoors grow was very rewarding. I can only begin to imagine what they'll create next year!

If you have a 4-6 year old who would be interested in a similar experience or who is eager to get outdoors to connect with friends and nature, check out our new Friday Forest Kindergarten Program starting in September!

From Ezekiel...

Our group had a great time in the woods! We created some impressive shelters, many equipped with all the amenities - moss recliners, fern refrigerators, windows, trap doors, fire pits and roasting sticks, a Christmas tree, and flags.

We also played lots of games - wren tag, eagle eye, and blob tag to name a few. One day we learned about tracking, and then used what we learned to play a tracking game. The campers had to find me in the woods by following my trail. We also used what we learned about learned about natural camouflage to play an extreme game of hide and seek. 
One day, we welcomed a special guest, Steve Sims, to our group. Steve showed us his extensive collection of Native American arrow heads, spear points, knives, pottery, and weapons. He also taught us how to make cordage from plant fibers like milkweed and dogbane, and he demonstrated how to make fire using a bow drill. One of our campers was so inspired, that he made his own bow drill on the last day of camp.

The week was very full and very fun!

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July 27-31: FloydFest Child Care
Aug 8-12: BuildIt! Camp
Aug 24: Back to School Tea and Class Meetings (5:30-6:30)
Aug 29: Back to School!
Sep 1-4: Yoga Jam Child Care
Sep 5: Labor Day - No School   

We will be operating on a summer schedule from July 5 through August 7. If you need to speak to someone, please be sure to call before you come by the school.

Tuition payments may be mailed to 470 Christiansburg Pike, Floyd VA 24091, and checks may be left in the mailbox next to the office. Cash payments must be given to a staff member. 
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The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is Wednesday, August 10, at 5:30 in the enrichment room. The public is welcome to attend.  


In Gratitude We Thank

CERC for donating to our scholarship fund.

Dr. Perrin Heartway for holding a stuffed animal clinic at summer play group and for providing vet care for our school cat.

Jubilee Cohousing Community
for allowing us to use their land for Forest Forts Camp.

Roxanne Greenberg
for helping with the big kids at Forest Forts Camp.

Steve Sims
for sharing his collections and skills during Forest Forts Camp.

Jessica Maas, Layla Emmett, Lily Miller, Cedar Kayrum, and Maren Weber
for helping with Big, Messy Art and Forest Forts Camps.

Justin Miller
for heroically unclogging a toilet.

Wanda Combs and the Floyd Press
for sharing BMS news with the community.

Across the Way Productions
for welcoming us to FloydFest.

Dancin' Dankinis for welcoming us to Floyd Yoga Jam.

Beegle Landscaping & Lawn Care
for taking great care of our grassy areas.

Citizens Telephone Cooperative for donating internet services.

Clark Gas & Oil for keeping us and our water toasty warm.



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