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Shelly Emmett
Shelly Emmett
This is the seventh year that I've worked at BMS, and each year I've seen our school grow and change in different ways. This year, we are working to adapt our school calendar to fit the compulsory education regulations in Virginia, while still maintaining the integrity of our school values (which include a calendar that allows for balance with school time and home time).

This has meant drafting a new calendar, meeting with our school community, and now collecting survey results about how to best accommodate the requirements while still meeting the needs of our families, students, and staff. Each of these steps have each been positive experiences for the school as a whole.

Each conversation prompted during this process has ultimately been productive and meaningful, and the sense of community and collaboration facilitated by attempting to solve a problem such as this together is noticeable. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore these topics together as a school and I know that BMS will be stronger for it. And I have no doubt that we will be able to develop a school calendar that meets Virginia regulations while still reflecting our school's unique values.

Knights of the Round Trailer
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson

We have been working on unpacking the invisible knapsack of white privilege with readings from Peggy McIntosh, Gloria Anzaldua, Janet Campbell Hale, Linda Hogan, Dianne Glancy, and Chief Joseph.  We also explored our own ethnicities and researched indigenous tribes of our birthplaces. "They are still here!" says guest speaker Tree Gigante. Chris Deerheart visited us, too, and described his experiences on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

To accompany our social studies work, we have been reading Custer and Crazy Horse and just finished The Story of Jumping Mouse. The Knights are working on turning Jumping Mouse into a presentation for friends and family in November. For Halloween, we checked in on Edgar Allen and read The Raven. Consensus? Spooky and confusing!

In science, we have been studying plants. Included in our study was a look at organelles and using mnemonic devices to learn the four plant pigments. Jagadisha led the Knights in leaf identification, and they explored the four major components of photosynthesis with Ashley. This all tied in nicely with our trip to Apple Ridge Farm.

We have a new volunteer for math. His name is Max Biskup, but we call him Math Max, and he is a graduate student from Radford University. In our math studies, we are working on long division, basic algebraic expressions, and some geometry, including perimeter and area of rectangles and the area of trapezoids.

One of our favorite parts of class continues to be the time we spend sharing quotes, riddles, and other things with each other. This month, Indigo shared some murder mystery riddles, Amelia read to us from Pusheen The Cat, Alonzo shared a quote by Andrew Robinson, Summit posed this riddle "What travels over hills and through towns but never moves?", Gabriel read a thought-provoking quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Eva had a great sea cucumber riddle.

Early Learning
Hari Berzins & Jenni Heartway
Hari Berzins
Jenni Heartway
The Early Learning class has embarked on a new study! We've been watching closely for signs of what the students might want to study next, and the answer came in a variety of ways.
At Outdoor Explore, we noticed many students returning to a spot in the woods to search for rocks and mica. This continued for a few weeks, with more discoveries and ideas being shared about what they could do with the items they were finding. We also noticed that the students continued to return to a book of rocks and gems on our science shelf. We talked with the class, and asked if this was something they were interested in learning more about. They were very excited!

We have just started sharing interesting rocks with each other and learning about the types of rocks and how they're formed, but we are really looking forward to following the students lead on this project!

We are fortunate to have a guest speaker coming in to talk with us in a few weeks, and we hope to incorporate a field trip, as well.

Rosa Sharks
Stefi Schafer
Stefi Schafer

Impressions of Fall

We have been talking about the change of the season for a while now. The changes in weather and temperatures as well as what we can see outside. We decided to take a walk to look for signs of fall. Before we set out we collaborated to make a check list of signs of fall, Red, yellow, brown, green and orange leaves, a naked branch, pinecones, wind, acorns, nuts and dead flowers.

We found everything. Mostly we found leaves, a lot of leaves.

I placed a selection of leaves on the art table, we discussed what colors we would need to make a fall painting and settled on a sky blue background.

Each child choose how they wanted to represent fall. Some focused on individual leaves, tracing or copying, some painted a tree with leaves, some painted a leave pile while others selected free form using the colors in layers and mixing them.

Yoga & Physical Education
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy
Autumn Yoga

Autumn is such a beautiful season. There is so much to see and feel in our natural world around us. In yoga class, we have been doing our yoga and activities exploring these autumn themes.

We have done yoga outside watching the leaves fall and listened and participated in yoga stories about animals migrating and hibernating. Just as the leaves fall off the trees and let go, we explored some "letting go" meditations and breathing activities.
In the younger classes we danced to autumn songs and used scarves to mimic the leaves falling. In the older classes, we continued our team building activities, played flag tag and capture the flag, and practiced yoga outside under the shade of the trees.

Click here for a quick clip of partner yoga in action.

Lore Deighan
Lore Deighan
Going along with tradition, the students made me into a work of art for Halloween.

This year they transformed me into the COMPLEMENTARY ART TEACHER
We discussed what complimentary colors are (colors across from each other on the color wheel that look nice together, in short) as well as what a compliment is ("You look nice today!").

I had the kids all come up with compliments as they worked, which I wrote down and kept in my complimentary bag to hand out throughout the day....
It was a fantastic day!!!

Contemplative Studies
"To successfully share mindfulness with children, we must first practice it ourselves. Our presence, our calm and our peace are the biggest gifts we can offer to young people. When we are solid, happy and full of compassion, we will naturally know how to create a happy family or school environment, and how to water the positive qualities in our children."

From Planting Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh

Jami Eaton
Jami Eaton
In Spanish class we are learning vocabulary for body parts. The two lower classes have started with their heads, noses, ears, and eyes while the two older classes made monster bodies that cover the vocabulary for the entire body. We smelled four mystery spices from Mexico with our "narices" and responded with either "me gusta" or "no me gusta" for each one. We will continue to talk about body parts and senses in the weeks to come. We also learned about Dia de Los Muertos.

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Nov 20: Friday Class
Nov 24: Thankful Celebration (1 to 3:15)
Nov 25-26: Thanksgiving Break

Orders for our "Original Works" art fundraiser are due by Thursday, November 12. Packets should go home with students this week or on Monday. If you have any questions, contact Carol
Board of Trustees

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is Wednesday, November 11, at 5:30 in the enrichment room. The public is welcome to attend.  


In Gratitude We Thank
Hope Sharp (aka The Halloween Queen) for organizing the Boo! Mountain School Halloween Festival.

Seven Springs Farms for donating apples for the Halloween festival.

Freedom Hill Farms for donating hay bales for the Halloween festival.

Asa Pickford, Misty Harris, Emily Williamson, Andy Volker, and Eric Sharp for helping with setting up, running, and cleaning up for the Halloween festival.

Eric Sharp for creating the Frankenstein's Brains game for the Halloween festival.

All the families who joined us for our Halloween festival and brought Spooky foods to share at our potluck !

Apple Ridge Farm
for inviting us out for some Nature Investigating, Inge Terrill and Jagadisha for leading us on our adventures, and all the staff and parents who drove kids out to Copper Hill.

Chris Deerheart and Tree Gigante for visiting the Knights of the Round Trailer to share their experiences for a study on indigenous people.

Max Biskup (aka Math Max) for working with the Knights on math.

The Parrish Family
for donating art materials.

Jason Tueller for fixing our computer network.

The Rosa Sharks for catching stinkbugs to feed to Spike.

Linda Fox for providing snacks for staff meetings.

Corey Avellar for donating perennials for the garden.

Wes Wenger for leading Soccer Tuesdays.

Linda Johnson and Jessica Maas
for helping in the classroom.



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