Individual Champions Crowned at the 2023 Diller Equine IDA National Championships
Day two of the 2023 Diller Equine IDA National Championships continued on Saturday, April 22nd, at the Virginia Horse Center. Twenty-six schools from around the nation have returned to compete in individual and team competitions, with 12 schools going head-to-head for the title of IDA National Team Champion on Sunday, April 23rd.

The day's competition welcomed the Individual riders into the ring and crowned the top 12 riders in the nation in the four IDA divisions (First Level, Upper Training, Lower, and Intro). USDF/IDA Quiz challenge winners were also named and awarded custom prizes from USDF and Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supply.
First Level Individual Results:

1st place: Valerie Golden, Otterbein University, 70.973%

2nd place: Megan Laughane, University of Virginia, 69.653%
3rd place: Sami Scigouski, Miami University, 68.82%

4th place: Lindsay Shaw, Emory & Henry College, 67.71%
5th place: Kathryn Channing, Johnson & Wales University, 67.014%

6th place: Kathryn Seery, Mount Holyoke College, 66.25%

7th place: Kalin MacQueen, Otterbein University, 65.695%

8th place: Morgan Chedister, Centenary University, 64.931%

9th place: Ashley Sanders, University of Florida, 64.789%

10th place: Corinne Brunker, Wake Forest University, 63.125%

11th place: Anne Morgan, Averett University, 62.986%

12th place: Elizabeth Kness, Rutgers University, 62.986%
Upper Training Level Individual Results:

1st place: Meghan Verill, Delaware Valley University, 68.1%

2nd place: Sarah MacDonald, University of Vermont, 68.1%

3rd place: Sonia Altenhoff, Mount Holyoke College, 67.5%

4th place: Katrina Cole, Penn State University, 67.3%

5th place: Isabelle Santamauro, University of Massachusetts, 66.8%

6th place: Jenna McPeek, Otterbein University, 65.4%

7th place: Breanna Gemmell, Averett University, 64.8%

8th place: Lily Mutzig, University of Virginia, 64.1%

9th place: Brianna Perkins, Lake Erie College, 62.6%

10th place: Sydney Fryman, Emory & Henry College, 62.2%

11th place: Taylor Kankowski, Wesleyan College, 56.7%

12th place: Julia Junker, Wake Forest University, 55.8%
Lower Training Individual Results:

1st place: Emily Seaver, Emory & Henry College, 69.039%

2nd place: Samantha Rockwell, Mount Holyoke College, 68.943%

3rd place: Elliana Linn, Otterbein University, 68.654%

4th place: Kelly Mondus, St. Andrews University, 68.462%

5th place: Lindsay Borg, Virginia Tech, 68.365%

6th place: Lucy Walter, University of Florida, 68.269%

7th place: Karly Loparco, Lake Erie College, 67.885%

8th place: Taoni Hickey, Otterbein University, 66.635%

9th place: Jodie Miller, Centenary University, 66.058%

10th place: Grace Dolan, Johnson & Wales University, 65.577%

11th place: Abbigale Callahan, St. Andrews University, 64.904%

12th place: Ella Barnett, Centenary University, 64.423% 
Intro Level Individual Results:

1st place: Skylar Shaw, Emory & Henry College, 67.813%

2nd place: Lily Georgopoulos, University of Massachusetts, 67.188%

3rd place: Alice Ledford, Centenary University, 65.626%

4th place: Grace Edick, St. Andrews University, 64.844%

5th place: Megan Vetter, University of New Hampshire, 64.063%

6th place: Hannah Mohler, Otterbein University, 62.188%

7th place: Veda Wetherbee, Johnson & Wales University, 60.626%

8th place: Sara Sabo, Penn State University, 60.469%

9th place: Natalie Toro, NC State University, 60.157%

10th place: Ava Williams, NC State University, 59.063%

11th place: Kaylee Horton, Lake Erie College, 58.907%

12th place: Lauren Prunty, Virginia Tech, 54.844%

First Level USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge Results:

1st place: Sami Scigouski, Miami University

2nd place: Megan DeSmet, University of Michigan
3rd place: Emily Steffen, University of Florida

4th place: Anne Morgan, Averett University
5th place: Valerie Golden, Otterbein University 

Upper Training Level USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge Results:

1st place: Breanna Gemmell, Averett University

2nd place: Samantha Holyfield, St. Andrews University

3rd place: Riley Leibeck, Otterbein University

4th place: Rylee Lent, Otterbein University

5th place: Ella Pace, University of Michigan

6th place: Sabrina Long, Virginia Tech

7th place: Andreina Fitzgerald, Virginia Tech

Lower Training USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge Results:

1st place: Miley Holtzman, Virginia Tech

2nd place: Becky Nelson, Averett University

3rd place: Ella Barnett, Centenary University

4th place:Alexandra Cooper, University of Florida

Intro Level USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge Results:

1st place: Lilah Ashtyahi, Rutgers University

2nd place: Kalee Boltz, Averett University

3rd place: Kaylee Horton, Lake Erie College

4th place: Alex Davis, Averett University

Averett University's Breanna Gemmell was the grand champion of the USDF/IDA Quiz Challenge.
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