June 25, 2020
Dear Marine, Recruit and Poolee Family Members,

If your Marine transitions out of the Marine Corps after their first contract (typically 4-5 years), they will be required to go through the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). There is a lot to know about IRR and we're to help explain it all to you!

God Bless and Semper Fi,
Individual Ready Reserve Information from After the Corps

For many Marines finishing their four years of service, active-duty is not the end of their career in the Marine Corps. All Marines are required to go through the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) after their initial active-service comes to an end,...

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IRR Obligations and Requirements from After the Corps

Contact Information: Address, at least one telephone number, and email address. Civilian Employment Information (CEI). (This is actually, at minimum, an annual review and certification. If there are civilian employment changes that occur after an ...

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