Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems result from interactions between building materials, furnishings, activities within the building, climate, and building occupants.

IAQ problems may arise from one or more of the following causes:

  • Indoor environment - inadequate temperature, humidity, poor air circulation, ventilation system issues.

  • Insufficient outdoor air intake.

  • Indoor air chemical contaminants including: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, asbestos, ozone, dust, particulate matter,

  • Indoor air biological contaminants including: mold and fungi, bacteria, dust, mites, pollen,
Take a preventative approach to Indoor Air Quality
  • Clean and dust workplace regularly,

  • Provide an adequate volume of outdoor air

  • Ensure that air is properly distributed

  • Prevent outdoor pollutants from entering the building

  • Provide separate ventilation for special-use areas

  • Promote the use of unscented products

  • Choose building materials, paints, and furniture with low emissions

  • Discourage mould growth by cleaning up pooled water

  • Follow standards and best practices for your building's ventilation, thermal comfort, and pollutant control