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February Hours 

Will be more!  Wednesdays will be starting at 7:30am (yay Dr. Kubanek!) and running till 8pm Wed and Thursday thanks to Dr. Nakama.  We are currently getting them familiar with office systems before expanding their hours.

January 2013



January is often a time for restriction and renewed vigilance on our diets and lifestyle.  I would like to suggest a slightly different approach to 2013.  Instead of trying to attain your goals through restriction, why not try indulgence!  It's a lot more fun and incredibly effective.


I'm sure many of you are now scratching your heads.  The approach goes like this- take time to INDULGE in the things you love to do, in delicious AND healthy foods, in TIME with those you love.


This may involve taking the time to go to a nearby farmers market and purchase delicious foods from people you can shake hands with.  Did you know that many of the produce items you buy at your local grocer have been in storehouses for up to a year?   See article here that exposes this reality.   There is a reason the taste AND the nutritional value is so different.


Next take your indulgent palate on a trip to some new flavours.  This may involve a meal at one of Calgary's restaurants that do local and organic foods, such as River Cafe, Alloy, Boxwood Cafe, Farm, the Coup, and others.


Work on replicating some of these creations and inventing new ones with an amazing cookbook.  Some of my favourites were inspired purchases from restaurants I love, including: Fresh (Toronto's Juice for Life), Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine (Vancouver's Vij's) and Asian Flavours by Jean-George (New York City's Spice Market, and I also want his Home Cooking one). If you don't love cooking, there will still be a cookbook for you, but be sure to check that there are short ingredient lists, and simple or fast in the title.  If you do love cooking- take the time to indulge, and invite over those you love to share in your creations.


Now for things you love.  Maybe it is music, art, yoga, running, or even knitting.  Find a group or a class or just carve out time to spend on those things that feed your spirit.  A full and indulged spirit is a happy and productive one.


People.  Life can get so busy finding time for the people that fill your life can be difficult.  If you leave from meeting someone with more energy and ideas, and lose track of time when you are with them, then that is a person you would benefit from spending more time with.  Anything from a weekly or monthly walk or meal together, to more dinner parties or time exploring galleries or music.  Indulge in it.  You will thrive as a result.


Thank you for supporting me and being a part of my life.  I have now been in business for myself for 10 years in Calgary, and just this morning saw a client who has been with me this whole time.  It is such an exciting year to be growing.

We are now sporting a clinic with 3 ND's and are open 5 days a week, including every Saturday!  This means more ease with finding times for appointments as well as supplement pick ups.  Dr. Erica Kubanek and Dr. Ryan Nakama are both wonderful additions to the team.  You may meet them as they have covered some acupuncture and bowen clients, and B12 shots for me when time slots are tight.  I feel excited to be able to offer more areas of focus to our clients for even better healthcare.  Collaborative work with Dr. Chris Hammer is also going great.  I'm currently working with him on a few clients with infertility, and looking to see how neuralfeedback may be a great help in treatment.  We'll let you know what we come up with after seeing more clients work through this collaborative approach.


Wishing you all a fruitful and indulgent January!


In great health,


Dr. Angela Kirk ND


Life on the Candida Diet


So I just recently finished the Candida Diet and I must say it was quite the ride. 


When Dr. Kirk first showed me her Candida book and I looked up all the foods that I could and more importantly COULDN'T have, I really never thought I could make it six weeks. Not to mention the reaction of my family, friends and roommates who all thought I was crazy for even attempting such a difficult endeavour. 


So far I can truly say it has been such a worthwhile journey. I find it easier getting up in the morning, I am more alert throughout the day and I just feel more like myself, a healthier more energetic version of myself I suppose. 


Working in the clinic I have also had the opportunity to meet many others going through or commencing the Candida Diet and I thought it may be worthwhile and useful to many of you to share some of the more successful recipes I have concocted (or copied). 


My favourite recipe so far, hands down, has been the Super Sunflower-Bean Burgers from Jeanne Marie Martin's "Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook" (pg 397 incase you also have it). 


These burgers are 100% delectable! I actually eat them for lunch, dinner, snack, everything. They go down just like cookies!


So here's what the recipe calls for:


~1 cup cooked, mashed beans (pinto, kidney, adzuki or black) I just used pinto and it worked fine.


~1 cup vegetable pulp from a juicer or finely chopped steamed vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli, peppers.


~1/2 cup ground raw sunflower seeds


~1 tbls ground raw pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds


~1/2-3/4 cup amaranth or teff flour


~1/2 cup finely chopped onion (I personally don't add onion and it still works just fine)


~3 teaspoons dried parsley


~2-3 teaspoons simmered tamari soy sauce or 1/2 homemade vegetable bouillon cube


~1/2 tsp basil and dill weed


~1/4-1/2 tsp sea salt


~several dashes cayenne



And finally for the instructions:


1) Precook and mash the beans.


2) Mix all the ingredients together and add extra flour if the mixture is too wet.


3) Shape the mixture into 6 or so burgers about 1/4" thick and 4" in diameter. 


4a) Broil on a flat surface for 8-10 mins on one side then 5-8 on the other side. 




4b) Bake at 375oF for 25-30 mins.


5) Enjoy with homemade Ketchup (which is one of the easiest things to make EVER! 


Just simmer 2 tbsp of tomato paste with 2-4 tbsp water and a squirt of tamari soy sauce and lemon or lime juice for 5 minutes and stir often. You can store this for 2 or 3 days in the fridge too. 


          Delicious Super Sunflower-Bean Burgers  


And Voil´┐Ż!! You now have delectable Burgers that are both nutritious and delicious! Feel free to share with family and friends or just freeze the extras for yourself for future use. 


Hope this recipe was helpful to all of you. I will be keeping in contact for the next while, adding other delectable recipes, words of advice, helpful hints and of course support and encouragement. 


Until then, HAPPY EATING!!




p.s. I'm in the office on Wednesdays and most Saturdays if anyone would like to share experiences or swap recipes!

It's that time of year again!



Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment

The holiday season is now behind us, and along with it the parties, the indulgence, the stress.  Whew! You made it!  But now many are coming down with the cold or flu just in time to have to miss work.  And missed work means less money to pay off the holiday bills.  Flu season has hit early and hard this year.  What can you do to avoid losing out on productivity and time?  This article will discuss both ways to prevent and treat the cold and flu.






Hand Washing and Hygiene

Frequent hand washing is important at the best of times but during flu season it becomes even more so.  Take the time to do a good scrub and get into areas around your nails and between your fingers.  And even though we all know it bears repeating.  If you have to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow or a tissue rather than into your hand.  



What you eat can have a major impact on your immune function. Sugar and alcohol depress the immune system while other foods like onions and garlic have anti-viral and immune boosting activity.  Brightly colored fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids and other compounds as well as vitamin such as A and C that also enhance immune function.  Because the immune system is largely made up of proteins ensuring that adequate amounts of high quality protein are ingested is important.  This point is especially important for seniors who may be at risk for inadequate protein intake.


     Bell Peppers  

Stress and Sleep

Stress releases cortisol.  Cortisol suppresses the immune response.  Inadequate sleep is associated with increased frequency, severity and duration of common infections.  So coming off the holiday season it's no wonder so many people are now fighting off the cold or flu.  Developing healthy ways to manage stress is important to maintaining your immune system.  Things like physical activity, breathing exercises or meditation can be a great help.  Ensuring good quality and sufficient sleep enables the body to release immune-enhancing compounds. 





The same principles for preventing illness can be applied to treatment.  Avoid sugar.  Eat a whole foods diet composed largely of brightly colored fruits and vegetables prepared in an easily digestible way such as steaming.  Increase fluids - water, herbal teas, diluted fruit and vegetable juices.  Homemade chicken soup does it all.  It supplies many nutrients, vitamins and minerals in an easily digestible form and keeps up hydration.  Your grandma was right!



There are a variety of herbs that can help fend off the cold or Flu.  Echinacea reduces the severity and duration of symptoms while exhibiting anti-influenza actions.  Echinacea has been found to be safe in pregnancy and lactation, and we even have doses safe for infants to take.  Elderflower or Elderberry help to clear congestion, relieve inflammation in the nose and throat, and reduce fever while also showing anti-influenza properties.  Many other herbs in our dispensary have helpful properties. To find the right fit for you, please consult with one of us.


Steam inhalations

These help to clear mucus and inflammation from the respiratory passages.  Adding immune boosting and antiviral essential oils like thyme, lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus enhances the effect


           Steam Inhalation  


Sweat it out

The immune system functions better at a slightly higher temperature while viruses become weaker.  Fever is the body's way of tilting the scales in its favor.  So dress in many layers, have a hot shower or bath and help your immune system out.



Staying at home will help reduce transmission of cold and flu and rest allows the body to funnel energy to the immune system so that it can function optimally.


Following these guidelines can help prevent unfortunate illness and reduce time lost due to illness.  Recurrent, frequent or severe cold or flu may mean more significantly depressed immune function and may require more in depth analysis and treatment such as a seasonal immune-boosting program. 


There are also tailored programs including homeopathy for treatment and prevention that can be discussed on an individual basis with your Naturopath.  Call 403-542-3763 for an appointment and stop missing out due to illness.



Dr. Ryan Nakama, Naturopathic Doctor


What is Bowen?

It's a question I often get asked by inquisitive folks and my new patients. 'And what is it for?' My answer is often simple: it's an effective physical medicine that initiates a whole body healing response. 'Oh...' is the response I usually get. 


Excitedly, I like to clarify by explaining: it's a series of soft tissue manipulations that target the nervous system, the fascia and lymphatic system of your body. We can achieve significant pain relief and healing by resetting your body to a relaxed and regenerative state. Pain signals in your nervous system reboot. Your fascia becomes more fluid. The circulation of lymph fluid and of blood to your tissues is enhanced. Pain is reduced.  Your innate healing response and regenerative abilities are triggered.


'What kinds of things is Bowen good for?' What a great question! Any state of dis-ease can be eased by the Bowen method because it induces a state of healing and regeneration. From chronic conditions such as asthma to acute sports injury to migraines; Bowen is a profound method for inducing whole body healing. 


I have many tools in my tool belt as a naturopathic doctor. Bowen is one of my favorite tools. I see profound healing in my patients quickly and I am always excited to be able to provide this care!




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