As you know, it is rare to find a computer motherboard with an incredible mean time between failure / MTBF of 27.5 years at 45C (even longer at room temperature) and have peace of mind that it will work even at -30C to +70C maximum operation. Such German quality is now available from San Diego for the American market. For your review, please find below a list of standard models of Media Players / IPCs (industrial personal computers) by Impact - Fujitsu’s exclusive tech support & selling channel in the U.S. Fujitsu’s German-made =U.S. friendly computer motherboards are both high quality and very inexpensive because of their nearly 100% robotic assembly. And since Fujitsu is an IoT Alliance "Associate" level member of Intel partners, Impact works closely with Intel. Thus with or without chassis, all these products feature built-in Intel CPUs.

Please specify O/S (operating system, if any) and amount of RAM & storage you need when inquiring about the following products - all supported in mass production for min 5 years or longer without any changes to the motherboard design:

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