See true A.I.-grade computers at the bottom of the list. As you know, it is rare to find a computer motherboard with an incredible mean time between failure / MTBF of 27.5 years at 45C (even longer at room temperature) and have peace of mind that it will work even at -40C to +70C maximum operation. Such German quality is now available from San Diego for the American market. For your review, please find below a list of standard models of Media Players / IPCs (industrial personal computers) by Impact - Kontron’s tech support & selling channel in the U.S. Kontron’s German-made =U.S. friendly computer motherboards are both high quality and very inexpensive because of their nearly 100% robotic assembly. And since Kontron is an IoT Alliance "Premier" level member of Intel partners, Impact works closely with Intel. Thus, with or without chassis (just as motherboards optionally), all these products available from Impact feature built-in Intel CPUs.

Please specify O/S (operating system, if any) and amount of RAM & storage you need when inquiring about the following products - all supported in mass production for min 5 years or longer from introduction without any changes to the motherboard design:
AMD-based and uATX-based products are available

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