Covid Liability Signage
Governor Kemp signed SB 359, the COVID Liability legislation on Wednesday of last week. Here is a link to the AJC article. This provides protection for businesses and healthcare facilities who are following the proper orders in the Governor’s executive order regarding sanitization, social distancing, and protections. The bill requires the claimant to prove gross negligence on the part of the company.  
One of the provisions of the bill is a rebuttable presumption for assumption of the risk by the claimant if an entity posts certain signage at their point of entry. For your convenience, attached is a sample 18” x 24” poster with the required language in one-inch Arial font (per the specifications of the legislation) that can be printed at a variety of local and online retailers. Please see the attached. Note that this MUST be printed as an 18” x 24” in order to achieve the one-inch requirement. Should you wish to recreate your own, please refer to the bill for the exact language. They used 100 pt. Arial font in the attached poster. 
Here is a link to the bill: