Volume 187 | December 2, 2020
Industry Experts Predict Purchasing Shifts for Holiday Season

It’s been an unpredictable year and the holiday season will likely be no different, but that's never stopped anyone from making predictions. In this case, Drizly's Bev Alc Insights division spoke to retailers, wholesalers, and brand leaders about what they're expecting this holiday season.

They found the shift to online shopping is expected to continue for the holidays, as well as the rise of categories like ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and Tequila. Social and corporate events will continue to be small or virtual. With consumers unable to travel or dine out as frequently there, is some expectation that they may splurge on more expensive brands. Additionally, many retailers note gift sets are in high demand this season.

Further reading: BevAlc Insights
Editor's Note

In yesterday's newsletter, we mistakenly referred to the update for the State Reopening Tracker as the November update, when in fact, it was the December update to the tracker. The update covered all of the on-premise regulation changes made per state during the month of November.
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