Increase Production Yields  
With The PowerDeck™

Watch the video of how PowerDeck™ Floor Scales eliminate errors and improve yields. When operators get real-time guidance, the result is an optimized, accurate and efficient process. New PowerDeck™ floor scales provide the kind of guidance and durability that increases operating lifetime while reducing maintenance.

ICS466X Replaces ViperEX

When weighing in hazardous environment you need accuracy and reliability without sacrificing safety. The ICS466x-Series offers seamless integration into your production process as your scale can be individually configured for fast and precise operations. The rugged and easy to clean stainless steel design makes it best suited for wet, harsh and hazardous environment.

Reliable Measurements In Any  Environment

PBK9 and PFK9 Weighing Platforms offer multiple options. You can choose mild, galvanized or stainless steel for applications in wet, dusty, harsh or hazardous environments. Nine sizes and twelve capacities from 0.6 kilograms to 3 tons are available. All platforms can be connected to numerous METTLER TOLEDO terminals or directly connected to your control system.

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