37 Years In The Weighing Industry

Atlantic Scale Company, Inc has been a leading provider of quality weighing systems and devices as well as emergency trouble call & weight calibration services since 1979. Our goal has been and always will be to service our customers beyond their expectations and requirements.

New High-Precision Platforms

Accurate weighing helps you manage raw materials, ensure compliance with regulations and improve your product quality. The PBK9 bench and PFK9 floor scales combine unmatched precision with robust construction. They provide outstanding performance at resolutions of up to 750,000 divisions. 

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USP Chapter 41 & Your Laboratory Balances 

Chapter 41 is a REQUIREMENT for QC analysis measurements. There are two required tests, Accuracy and Repeatability. Both tests have a tolerance of 0.01%. Calibration Weights being used in the Accuracy check must have an accuracy of NMT 1/3 of the balance tolerance for that respective test point. This can be the tolerance of the nominal value of the weight or it can be the uncertainty of measurement for the weight when applying the actual weight value from the certificate.
FreeWeigh.Net Data Collection Software

FreeWeigh.Net is a powerful software system that completely covers all aspects of packaging and filling quality control. This software optimizes production profitability while complying with GMP regulations. FreeWeigh.Net is an ideal Quality Control System for any industry. 
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