June 2018
The chasm between web-centric companies (Google, Netflix, Amazon, etc.) and the legacy broadcast industry continues to grow. Now, it's focused on content preparation tools. Despite the "us vs. them" narrative, industry alliances and loyalties won't be the primary factors for choosing one tool or technology over another.  

Netflix: We'll Leave No Codec Or Customer Behind
As the largest distributor of subscription video on demand (SVOD) movies, television and original productions in the internet streaming distribution space, Netflix must stay ahead of the latest codec advances. But bandwidth limitations remain an obstacle. Netflix has to come up with something because the ever-increasing consumer appetite for watching video demands it. 

Can Blockchain Keep Social Media Honest?
In the social media world, little has been done to keep users from posting misleading or fraudulent information. Just consider Facebook's troubles regarding the proliferation of "fake news" during recent elections, or its privacy scandal with Cambridge Analytica. And the company's actions (or inactions) create a lack of trust. Some believe
blockchain technology is the answer.  

Collecting Royalties on Technology Patents
A Fortune 500 company has an extensive portfolio of technology patents for digital products found in the consumer electronics, medical and defense industries. The standard market research provided by most research firms fell short of the company's precise research needs. In fact, such "cookie cutter" research painted an inaccurate picture of patent-value. Download the case study to find out how DTC provided the company with detailed market intelligence to help royalty-collection efforts. 

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