August 2018 Monthly News & Updates
Contracting for Mutual of Omaha's NEW Medicare Advantage plans and Prescription Drug plans is in full swing. Learn more >
Aetna has a Sandbox to play in, just like Mutual of Omaha. Practice submitting an electronic application before submitting a real one.

They also have an e-App for all of their products now. No need to use paper apps for any of your Aetna business. Learn more >
Mutual of Omaha's Sales Professional Access has a new layout with 'Medicare Solutions' replacing the old Medicare Supplement product category.

Login to Sales Professional Access and learn about the new PDP plans available in 49 states (not available in New York), the new MA plans (available in San Antonio, TX and Cincinnati, OH) and begin training for AEP.
The 2018 version of Medicare & You guide is now available. You can find it in our Medicare Supplement Kit.

Download the kit today as a refresher or to learn how to being selling Medicare Supplement policies to your clients.
SureLC is now embedded into our Contracting page. It can take a few seconds for it to load, we ask that you be patient while it loads, and once it does, you can login with your unique logins for The Brokerage Resource.

Reminder, you must use Google Chrome for our online contracting, and your logins should be for The Brokerage Resource and not a different FMO.
Effective August 1st, Cigna implemented a
Draft on Issue for Final Expense policies. Other products will follow soon after, and emails will be sent out to all contracted producers regarding that timeline.

A note has been added to Express App to inform your customers that they will be drafted upon policy issue. This note will appear for ALL products, but ONLY Final Expense is drafting upon policy issue at this time.
All of our Quoting tools on one page now. Visit our revamped Quoting Tools page and find everything you need to run quotes for all your products in one place.

Login to Resource for Rates, or scroll down the page to login to LifePipe for life quotes, scroll further to login to WinFlex to run more robust illustrations.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to access our quote request forms.
Crowdfunding has become a new way for people to amass funds quickly by setting up a GoFundMe, and requesting help from friends and family. However, there are better, and more tried and true ways of protecting your clients' loved ones. In times of intense stress and heartache, it's a comfort to know that funds are available. And life insurance is that tool.

If you're not discussing life insurance with your clients, reach out to our Life & Long-term Care Sales Manager, Mark Evan for strategies and ways to bring up the conversation.
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