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Issue 11 March/April 2017
Industry Perspective:  Global Sourcing in the Current Landscape

The current climate is defined by uncertainty. Our turbulent political situation makes the prospect of global sourcing especially daunting. Many companies have come to rely totally on global sourcing and are using an exclusive one-country approach. This practice may present a risk to their supply chains, business continuity, and ultimately, to their bottom lines. 
Companies in this situation could be forced to pay higher prices on imports, or have an urgent need to seek alternative suppliers.  For this reason, it is strongly recommended to diversify sourcing.  While "re-shoring" is the buzzword of the moment, the reality is the there are simply not enough domestic producers of iron components to meet the demand at any price, particularly in the short term. Thusfar, the primary targets of anti-import sentiment seem to be China and Mexico, so SIGMA OEM suggests diversifying your supply chain and considering sources in India.
SIGMA OEM practices what we preach; we did this very thing 15 years ago when it became clear that relying on one supplier in one country was a high risk proposition. We set up strategic supplier relationships to replicate the overall success we had experienced in China. As a result, SIGMA OEM has "boots on the ground" and an in-country presence to mitigate risk and protect our customers from any problems they may encounter when sourcing globally. While it is clear that challenges can always arise with this type of enterprise, SIGMA OEM's infrastructure enables us to address issues efficiently and productively.  Most importantly, we insulate and protect the customer.
The recent launch of 3PL, SIGMA OEM's wholly owned subsidiary in India, marks the culmination of 15 years of operations in India. With a true local provider that operates under American business principals, SIGMA OEM removes the barriers to opening a new supply chain in a new country. Rather than requiring customers to find and develop their own relationships, SIGMA OEM has a turnkey operation, enabling us to deliver quality components with minimal risk and hassle.  SIGMA OEM is confident enough in our ability to deliver that we offer a one-year money back guarantee on tooling if duties or other factors impede the completion of a project.
With the industry--and the world--in its current state of flux, it is strategic to broaden supplier bases. What may start off as a prudent and defensive move for a segment of a business could wind up saving significant costs--and protecting the business as a whole.
New SIGMA OEM Products

SIGMA OEM continues to add new and innovative products to our portfolio. We can produce virtually any casting item required, and we continue to develop ways to manufacture and deliver high quality components to our customers. The following illustrates an assortment of new products that have been recently added to the SIGMA OEM service offering:

For information on these and other OEM products, please contact 241 7481.
Strong Showing at SMART Conference by SIGMA OEM 

SIGMA OEM was pleased to attend the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) Conference in Santa Monica, CA in February.  The event welcomed over 130 users of recycled textiles, and SIGMA OEM had the opportunity to connect with many new and existing customers. The miniature recycle bin banks we offered as giveaways were a hit with visitors, and as a result, the SIGMA OEM table enjoyed a steady stream of traffic.
SIGMA OEM Sales Manager Tom Whittington describes the event, "As one of the few attendees that set up displays, we were very well positioned.  The audience is very targeted; all of the people there are in the market for textile recycle bins so it was well worth our time.  Immediately following the show, we generated 6 new contacts and have already issued quotes for business."

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