Industry Update ~  Mushroom Marketing ALERT ~  April 2020
This ALERT is provided as an update to the regular Industry Update e-newsletter that forms part of the Industry Communication project. 
A changed approach to mushroom marketing 

The marke ti ng of Australian Mushrooms through to June 2020, has been revised in light of COVID-19, with a changed emphasis and direction now in place, taking into account the changed behaviour and media consumption of consumers. The re-launch of the media campaign targets nearly four million Australians, aged 25-49 who love to cook and who think meals are an important way to connect with family.
The campaign has deliberately been shi
ft ed to 100% digital as more Australians are staying indoors. The Australian Mushrooms message will be delivered through three channels - online video, audio and content partnerships - using recipes that inspire usage and highlight the benefits of including mushrooms in family meals. While the campaign will reinforce the "much healthier" and "much tastier" messages, it includes an increased emphasis on the health benefits of mushrooms.
The changed approach has been a cooperative effort, with the Hort Innovation marketing team working with service providers and the Australian Mushroom Growers' Association to refine the campaign delivery.
In addition to the above activities, the "always-on" elements of mushroom marketing, including social media and public relations activities, have also been redeveloped to add further support for the levy investment.
A summary document - A changed approach to mushroom marketing - has been prepared and is available for download.

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