2016 Western Turbine Users (WTUI): Issue 2

Mark Axford, the Houston-based consultant considered by many to be the leading independent expert on gas-turbine (GT) markets, predicted at last year's meeting of the Western Turbine Users Inc that US orders for GTs would decrease by 10% (capacity basis) in 2015 compared to 2014; he also predicted that worldwide orders would increase by 10%. For 2016, the consultant expects both US and worldwide orders to decrease by 10%.   more   
For an axial-flow gas turbine to operate without wear and tear caused by rubbing between rotating and stationary components, clearances between rotating blades and casing shroud, and between stationary vanes and hub, must be adequate-but not generous. UConn Professor Emeritus Lee S Langston shows the general characteristics of leakage flow over a turbine blade with a flat tip in Fig 1. more   
WTUI vendor fair is part of the learning experience as Arnold insulation system illustrates
Vendor fairs at user-group meetings are win-win events: Plant personnel learn about products and services they otherwise might not be exposed to and suppliers gain access to those who might benefit from their solutions. Given today's small staffs, and the high cost of visiting plants, such venues may offer the only practical way for buyers and sellers to connect face-to-face. This is particularly true concerning peaking facilities powered by remote-start aeros at locations without permanent staff. more 
Grid-scale storage: Regulators, ISOs set the table; suppliers served few orders
What is clear from being immersed in the grid-scale storage space (here not addressing behind-the-meter storage) for 10 days is that state and federal regulators in key states and regions, along with the respective organized-market independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs), have laid the foundation for grid-scale storage to compete against traditional options for supplying grid services. In California, there is more than a foundation; there is a mandate for a modest amount of storage capacity to be procured as well as multiple pieces of legislation supporting grid-scale storage. more
Active clearance control meeting expectations in Siemens V engines
Readers of CCJ ONsite typically focus their attention on gas-turbine operations and maintenance, as well as on design mods and equipment alternatives to correct issues impacting reliability, availability, safety, etc. The most compelling information resources in these subject areas available to the editors are the exclusive presentations by owner/operators and vendors at user-group meetings. With so many conferences, there's rarely time to go beyond this activity, but there's certainly more to cover-particularly in GT research and design. more 
Upcoming CCJ Webinar: Robust Bucket Repair of 7FA.03 1st Stage Bucket
Erosion / corrosion / oxidation of the tips, lifting of the tip plates, liberation of the tip plates, shortened life cycles and increased repair costs have led Sulzer to engineer robust bucket repairs for the 7FA.03 end users.
Presented by Travis Cockrell and Michael Andrepont

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 1pm East/10am Pac.

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