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No member is alone.
Quebec and Ontario are running out of protective gear, Alberta states they have a supply for a month. The Federal Government says PPE gear is coming from China, but recognizes the supply chain is complex and fragile with high demand. Orders are not guarantees, quality assurance is essential.

The push to source Canadian made increases and will continue to do so in the days and weeks ahead.

Partnerships with private companies have been stepped up according to Minister Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

On a local front - Do you have any spare PPE that you can offer to your local hospitals?

If yes, call your local health authority to confirm that what you have can be used and where you need to donate.

Have you donated gear already? If yes, tell us your stories of what you did and how you did it so we can share with others.
TODAY April 7 - 5,000 Canadian businesses have stepped forward to help fight COVID-19
Prime Minister Trudeau spoke about the order for over 30,000 ventilators to be manufactured in Canada. The priority is to keep front line workers safe. The Government (and provinces) are accepting donations and other ideas, BUT the equipment must meet Canadian Standards.

Face Shields
Members are showing CKCA examples of face shield designs and we commend you for your efforts to help in this crisis. We encourage members to consider the following:

Medical protective equipment must meet Canadian Standards.
It is very IMPORTANT you first seek approvals of your design and manufacturing process BEFORE you start advertising and producing your product in quantity.

We need equipment on the front lines in health care, that is the priority.

Health care workers need access to trusted sources of product that has been vetted through appropriate Canadian channels.

In addition, supply chains are strained and plastics used for protective gear will be in high demand. Please DO NOT stockpile face shield type plastics unless you have been approved as a seller of your product to the healthcare community.
Does you business have to close?
Check out this handy chart from
CKCA's partner CFIB!
can you build
in your
Do you have the ability to manufacture frontline gear?
NGen is an initiative created by the Federal Government in 2018 to bring together Canadian business to collaborate with other innovation partners. Now the Feds are leveraging the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster and directing funding to mobilize companies that can rapidly respond to COVID-19 pandemic by building a Canadian supply of essential equipment, products and therapeutics.
Overview of program here.
Financial guide document here .

Keeping employees calm and informed
W e spoke to Sunrise Kitchens HR Manager, Amrita Bhogal about what she's doing to help her employees keep calm and keep stress down. The HR responsibilities around COVID-19 have impacted every HR person. The responsibility is huge and it's no easy task to keep up.

Amrita and Sunrise have generously shared their experience with us in hopes it helps others - thank you Sunrise Kitchens!

  • Assemble a COVID-19 team ( we used our safety committee)

  • Appoint one person who is watching all the government sites and understands what is going on and how we should create policies that reflect these messages ( I am point person, HR would be best)

  • Create a Contingency plan: we have 3 levels:

  • Level 1 – activities with world emergency
  • Level 2 – Province or city declares state of emergency / work from home policy
  • Level 3 – Shut down and layoff

  • Create an open communication line with your team by: weekly email blasts, keeping in contact with anyone in self-isolation, walking around and asking how individuals are doing

  • Be as flexible and understanding in all situations.

Sample documents used at Sunrise:

Communication to staff - sample template
Sunrise owner, Paul Bhogal communicating to their team

Amrita also shared these documents with their staff to give them help, answer questions etc.

Coping with Stress - World Health Org.
Be prepared - Government of Canada

BC offers
to help with mental health
CKCA is hearing from members that the pressures of running your business are very stressful during COVID-19. Not only are you trying to run your business with supply chains strained, your workers are stressed and looking to their employers to answer all their questions for both business and family. As well you are juggling finances and wondering what/how to plan for the future and you're worried about your business.

Whether you're a large manufacturer or small, everyone is feeling the pressure of this situation.

Provinces are stepping up to provide support and investing in mental health When stark numbers are reported of what this pandemic could look like and how long it will last, this news is hard to swallow.

Reach out through your province to see where help can be obtained. Mental health support is being well funded by provincial governments knowing that we are all trying to live and work in a pressure tank. An example of these services in BC is listed below.

Check out this great article here .

If you need someone to talk to don't forget you can call CKCA. We are happy to speak to any member who just needs to talk. We can share what we're hearing and just be a sounding board. Also, remember that through CKCA you have access to all the CFIB resources which are a huge value add!

No member is alone!
CKCA members have joint membership with CFIB

You get the benefits from both!

CFIB lobbied Government to get the wage subsidy increased from 10% to 75%

CFIB does weekly webinars to keep members informed.

Weekly input from over 10,000 businesses, more than 1,000 calls a day - CFIB is the voice of small business
Listen to the Friday, Apr 3 webinar that gave an update on the 75% wage subsidy and other important topics.

"Hope our members are taking advantage of these CFIB opportunities as they're a great resource that CKCA is now providing to our membership."

James Dewinetz, President & Controller,
Pacfic Rim Cabinets, BC
From CFIB's webinar recorded on April 3, 2020

  • Keep a business log/journal that includes key info that may be useful when this is over.
  • Anything relevant to your business including conversations with Government, rationale for your decisions such as layoffs etc.
  • There's so much going on, so many changes you may forget things in the weeks and months ahead and you may need to draw on it later.
Can you help manufacture esssential products for the front lines?
NRC IRAP has been tasked by the Government of Canada to work with Canadian industry to address a range of medium‑term Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada needs, including:
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Sanitization
  • Diagnostic and testing
  • Therapeutics
  • Disease tracking technology

More information here .

To register your company - Click here (takes 3-5 business days for a response given high level of of registrants).
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