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The 2015 Indiana IT Symposium - August 27, 2015 
The Indiana IT Symposium is an annual event held for the region's most prominent IT leaders, to recognize Information Technology's achievement and change occurring in the corporate, government, and academia sector. This event is aimed towards bringing together new ideas, from all different companies, to keep a competitive advantage in the global economy. The symposium also allows the Information Technology community to network and communicate with each other in ways that could benefit their own companies. Many speakers attend the meeting to talk about the ways IT companies can productively overcome any challenges that they face, and apply those methods to creating better opportunities for their companies, peers and themselves . These topics will include:
-Building Successful Teams 
-Navigating the Cyber Security Landscape 
-Running IT as a Business

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IT Trivi a! 
IT security is currently one of the hottest fields these days at Momentum LLC and for good reason.  Corporations are generating more meaningful data than ever, everything we do online seems to require a password and personal information, and the items we have in our possession that connect to the "Internet of Things" seems to increase every year.  It is no wonder everyone is a target for data hackers!

The world of today seems to have been hinted at in the 1983 thriller "Wargames" which stars a young high school hacker, played by a Matthew Broderick, who innocently hacks into the U.S. military's top computer, the W.O.P.R. (pronounced like the hamburger) and nearly starts World War III.  

For ten movie nerd points, what was the password that Matthew Broderick uses to hack into the military system? 
If you think you know the answer, then send it  here and we will post the winners in our next Newsletter!

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Cyber Security Analyst
For InfoSec experts, this is the leading edge of local security technology - threat intelligence, dealing with cyber threats. We feel this is one of the most exciting InfoSec environments in Indiana. The Information Security Analyst is on the front line of protecting information systems and data against cyber threats. They are charged with gathering threat intelligence feeds from external sources, understanding the threat landscape. If this is your background, please contact us to discuss in detail.
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Enterprise Architect

Can you guide the technology road map for a half-billion dollar corporation that is doubling in size every couple of years? Would you enjoy working in an environment that actually values its employees? This is a very unique opportunity, with great technical and personal rewards potential.
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Business Intelligence Engineer  
Seeking a motivated Business Intelligence Engineer to help with existing report and data engineering needs, while assisting with the move to Microsoft's latest BI platform for data modeling and presentation. Help reinvent data through self-service BI, while using technology to drive the company's vision to new levels. Technology environment is Microsoft SSIS and Cognos.
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Database Administrator 
Looking for talented DBAs to help manage, develop, deploy, and monitor databases for on-premise and cloud-based business systems. You'll work with local and cloud-deployed databases in SQL Server, Postgres, NoSQL databases, Big Data, and so on, and you'll work with the Business Intelligence and Big Data teams to help them produce high-powered analytics.
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How well is Indiana doing in the IT market?
  • From 2009-2014 computer and IT jobs grew 17%, in which 5,000+ job positions in the IT and computer sectors were created.
  • The emphasis in Data Security has been heightened, and many IT companies have opened job positions in this role.
  • Fast Company magazine ranked Indiana #6 on the "Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs" list. 
  • This year Indiana has 28,370 tech jobs available.

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