Greetings and salutations, all. We know that you are probably gearing up for Memorial Day weekend (if you haven't started already!), but we just had to say something about change. Not pennies and dimes, but big changes, like the Internet of Things, robots taking over entire industries, and new technology platforms launching seemingly every day. How are you dealing with these changes? Are you all about evolution or do you like to cling to the past?

Our first post on Monday talked about true change. A lot of emphasis in the entertainment industry has been on remakes, not entirely new forms of entertainment. Perhaps your company is guilty of something similar. Are you working on  remakes instead of redesigns?

Wednesday's post was about combatting resistance to change. It is fairly normal to resist change. There is a comfort level in doing things the way you've always done them. However, if change is inevitable, resistance is just a waste of time and effort. How can you constructively get around that drain of energy?

Finally, today, we talked about change that is not actually true change. Have you noticed that there are all sorts of new names for things that actually have existed for a long time? One of our favorite examples is content marketing. Content marketing is basically just writing with your customer in mind. That's been around for centuries, if not millennia. Calling it something other than "writing," however, makes it sound brand spanking new. 

That's it from us today. We hope you have a safe and peaceful holiday weekend, and we extend our gratitude to all who have served.

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