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Issue: 27

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2016 Fall Semester...


TM School of Ministry

Registration is open online at:


Part I - Keys to Inner Healing

Part II - Advanced Ministry Tools

Part III - Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance


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TM is a Christian non-profit ministry that is supported directly by the donations of individuals.

We provide the following services to families or individuals in our community with no fees or costs to the families: 

1. Biblical Counseling for families  or individuals dealing with:       
    -   Inner Healing for the
        Wounded Heart
    -   Marriage 
    -   Substance Abuse
    -   After-Care Training 
    -   Interventions 
    -   Parent "Coaching"
           - Mentoring Dads
           - Single Moms
2.  TM School of Ministry - is training and equipping men and women for ministry to the body and to be prayer warriors in the Healing House Ministry.

3. Support Groups for parents, spouses or individuals affected by substance abuse.

4. Resource assistance for anyone looking for detox, drug rehab or aftercare.

5. Transformation and recovery mentoring for men and women looking for help.

6. Coming Soon: The "Healing House" which is a place and ministry where people from all faiths and locations can come to receive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. TM School of Ministry is training and equipping an army of prayer warriors to host and minister at the Healing House.  For more information about the Healing House Ministry and how you can be a part of that, call Rock Hobbs at 205-470-3830.

Please pray for the continued blessings of the Lord on this work for the Kingdom. If you'd like to help, you can donate on line at:, we can take monthly donations via credit cards or mail in support to: Transformation Ministries,
P.O. Box 282, Chelsea, AL. 35043.  


TM is now partnered with this international ministry that offers a unique integrated approach to Healing Ministry that helps individuals return to their true foundations: the foundations of their soul, mind and spirit. As you go through the four problem/ministry areas, you will receive enlightenment, healing, deliverance and restoration.
For more information  Click Here... or to sign up and receive your healing, contact Jan Cusimano at 205-991-4988

July 25, 2016

Great News.....

       TM Fall Classes are now open for        registration online... 
Classes start the week of August 16th and morning or evening classes will be available for all three parts. 

So don't delay.....
Seating this semester may be limited so don't miss out....get signed up early. 

    Inevitable Effects of Unresolved 
Sin in our life....

When I was in early recovery from the grips of alcohol in my life, God showed me that there are two kinds of sin that we each have to deal with in our life. One is the obvious and most talked about and that is the sins that we commit. As Christians we are taught that we need to confess our sins and that God has forgiven our sins because of what Jesus did on the cross. Confession is good for the soul but Jesus actually paid the price for all our sins when He paid the price at Calvary.
The second kind of sin however, is not talked about as much and in many families it is keep as family secrets. I'm talking about the sins that are committed against us. "When we don't resolve the sin we've done or that has been done to us, we enter a new land of coping, covering, plotting and reacting. We view life through a self-protective grid which produces any number of offspring of the inevitable effect of shame including, blame, control, insecurity, arrogance, inadequacy, denial, withdrawal, avoidance, isolation and anger. None of these just happen to appear in our hearts...They are poisonous weeds that can only be pulled by God. Until we let Him, these weeds will shape how we see our lives." (The Cure)

Sins committed against us start with our parents and early childhood. We learn to stuff and hide the pain they cause as we try to cope with the struggles of life. We are taught to "grow up" or just  "forget about it". So we become good forgetters   and all the while they fester deep in our inner man until one day we wake up and find ourselves stuck in the quagmire of depression and anxiety. 

At Transformation Ministries, our heart is to help men and women of all ages get connected with Father God and facilitate the process of inner healing and deliverance that comes through our 
one-on-one counseling, our training and equipping classes and our Restoring the Foundations inner healing and deliverance prayer ministry. 

If you have been struggling with past wounds from family members, friends, spouses or even a church, give us a call and come see us. Don't live under the heavy burden of the past when Jesus is calling you to receive freedom and healing. TM is a safe place and a loving place. Call Jan at 205-213-0860 and schedule an appointment today.
Isaiah 50:10-11