Introducing an inexpensive workbench with good options - for Alpine, Snowboard, or Nordic
Toko Workbench Small

The Toko Workbench Small is a multifunctional lightweight stable wax table with 4 non slip rubber feet.  Its height is adjustable between 87cm, 85cm, or 75cm to accommodate waxers of all ages and heights.  The work area (surface) is 120cm x 35cm and it weighs 11kg.  MSRP just $164.

For Alpine waxing and tuning, there are 3 good vise options to use with this bench.  They are:
Ski Vise Race: the least expensive quality 3 part vise on the market.  End pieces allow working on the skis at a 90 degree angle for waxing and tuning or at a 60 degree angle for working edges.  Middle clamp opens to 90mm and can be fixed to bindings or binding plates to accommodate wider skis.  Comes with 2 ski brake holders.  MSRP $160.
Ski Vise World Cup: this is our top level vise for working on metal edged skis.  The end pieces are adjustable for height and also accommodate tuning and waxing at either 60 or 90 degrees.  The middle clamp is wider allowing for a longer contact area yielding more stability.  The jaws open to 100mm and can be clamped to binding plates or bindings to accommodate wider skis.  Comes with 2 ski brake holders.  $MSRP 210.
Ski Vise Freeride: for securing very wide freeride and freestyle type skis.  The end pieces are similar to the Ski Vise Race enabling waxing and tuning at 60 or 90 degrees.  The middle clamp has a wide contact area and opens to a massive 155mm.   MSRP $250.

For Snowboard, we recommend using the Board Grip 2.0.

Board Grip 2.0: This adjustable snowboard vise can be made wider (making it smaller is convenient for storage purposes so it fits in a box easier) for increased stability.  The antislip rubber surface keeps snowboards stable for waxing, scraping, and brushing.  Snowboards can also be inserted and clamped in the middle for tuning edges at 90 degrees.  MSRP $130.

For Nordic skiing, we have two good options:
XC Profile Set for Workbench Small: these plastic profiles fit the workbench small only.  They include the middle binding clamp piece (not pictured).  These profiles are suitable for both classic and skating length skis (170-210cm) and weigh just 1.4kg.  MSRP $130.

Ski Vise Nordic: simple very compact fixation device for Nordic skis (both skating and classic).  Very adjustable to fix all lengths including kids length skis.  Ideal for traveling, for waxing "on-site", and for at home.  MSRP $126.

Not all Toko products can be found at Toko retailers.  Here is a hyperlink to the Toko pages of some of our online dealers.   Additionally, every Toko product can be found at  Orders placed at will probably be filled by our dealers who have opportunity to claim and fill the order if they have everything in stock.

Why Toko Waxes?  How Toko is different

1.        Innovation.  There is a long list of Toko innovations such as the first fluorinated glide wax, first pure fluoro in block form, first to use Molybdenum which then everyone switched to (now we use something else: Diamond Like Carbon), first dedicated ski waxing iron, first "thermo bag", first copper brush which is pretty universally recognized as the best general purpose brush out there, and many more.  In short, we have been THE innovators of the wax and tool industry for many years.


2.       Simplicity.  We have fewer waxes.  Why mix red and blue and call it purple?  They are easy for people to mix themselves if necessary.  To buy into the Toko line costs less (fewer waxes). The more simple line makes it far easier to learn the line and the nuances that make a big difference (When to mix XCold Powder with HF Blue or when and how to layer Nordic binder with straight grip wax).  It is the same with kick wax and klister.  Toko waxes are also designed to be broad ranged and always in there compared to other brands who have some products that are great, but in a very specific range.  If something changes (sun comes up, hit some shade, it starts snowing, etc, you're screwed).  Toko offers 3 glide wax hardnesses (colors) in NF, LF, and HF plus a black wax.  We have 4 kick waxes plus a binder and 3 klisters plus a binder.  


3.       No compromise/performance.  Our waxes regularly win Olympic, World Cup, and National championships.  In testing, we are the best regularly and always in there.


4.       Service.  On the website, there is a well organized menu of "how-to" videos consisting of concise videos that cover the why and the how.  These videos cover 9 different categories such as Alpine race waxing, Alpine recreational tuning, Nordic recreational waxing, tuning for Freestyle, and so on.  If a person has a tuning question, he just needs email and either I will answer the question or if the question is regional in nature, I will forward it to one of our 25 member technical team.  For Nordic, there is no other company that does Nordic race wax tips like Toko which is surely why the other brands always wait for the Toko wax tips to come out before sending theirs out.  We have a team of 25 technicians who are expert.  Most have been doing Toko wax tips in their region for 15+ years and really know the weather tendencies and local weather phenomenons that occur.  This is where our wax tips come from: local experienced experts who are right there and have been for many years.  There is no other brand that provides service like Toko does in the US.


If you wear base layers, you will be glad you watched this short video. Learn about my favorite product, any brand, any purpose.
If you wear base layers, you will be glad you watched this short video. Learn about my favorite product, any brand, any purpose: Functional Sportswear Care, a treatment to reactivate and improve Base Layer performance leaving you dry and the right temperature.  The difference is huge and you'll really appreciate this stuff!

USST Toko Athlete Sam Morse on What Makes a Champion
At just 20 years old, Morse's maturity separates him from his peers. And, he's so very kind. He is one of the most genuine humans this planet has to offer. The future is bright for this one, so make sure to follow him as he moves up the ranks on the Team. We asked Morse our three questions on what he believes makes a champion.

U.S. SKI TEAM: In your words, what makes a champion?
SAM MORSE: A champion wins with passion and loses with grace, and pours their heart, soul and everything they've got into a sport.

U.S. SKI TEAM: Do you remember the first time you felt like a champion?
SM: The first time I felt like a champion was racing in Maine, winning the Maine Alpine Racing Association season championship title as a J5. I thought, "Maybe I can really make something out of this whole ski racing thing." It felt satisfying and propelling.

U.S. SKI TEAM: What is the biggest piece of advice you have for aspiring kids who want to be sitting where you are today?
SM: Give it all you've got and find enjoyment in striving for your own goals, rather than for the affirmation of others. Also, the best advice I've ever received was, "No one thing will make you the greatest, it is the sum of the parts that make a masterpiece."

Fun Facts:
  • "Moose" is Morse's childhood nickname, as there are more moose than people where he lives and they're big, burly animals that are gentle yet very powerful.
  • If he could be one inanimate object, he'd be water, because "you get to travel the globe, change physical states and always keep moving."
  • Go-to travel items are a deck of cards and a good book.
  • His best friend on the team is fellow east-coaster Drew Duffy (Warren, VT), whom he grew up with racing in the Junior Olympics.
  • Morse is a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan, and his non-skiing role model is Jason Varitek, catcher for Boston Red Sox through early-mid 2000s because he's a man of faith and always worked hard day in and day out.
  • Morse is involved with the Winter Special Olympics held at Sugarloaf each January, is a Sugarloaf Area Christian Ministry active church member and a rostered speaker for Camps Farthest Out (CFO) a Christian family camp organization.

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