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CDPH/ MCAH Guidance (Spanish) for direct service programs regarding the 2022 Infant Formula Shortages

General Reminders and Suggestions:

  • Affirm Concerns- the shortage is very stressful for parents and caregivers
  • Focus on Actions caregivers can take
  • Stay Updated: Call WIC for local status updates at 707-565-6590 Call the Redwood Empire Food Bank for updates at 707-523-7903

Increase breast/chest feeding support when appropriate

First, affirm the caregiver's concern, then gather additional information:

  • How often is the baby breastfeeding? How much formula is the baby drinking each day?
  • What reason is the baby being supplemented with formula?
  • Are you interested in trying to provide more breastmilk and less formula?

Ask permission to share some of the following ideas and information:

  • Discuss how breastfeeding more frequently may help increase milk supply.
  • Provide information regarding supports; IBCLC's and Breast Pumps.
  • Discuss the baby's behavior and how waking and crying doesn't always mean hunger (especially important to discuss if the baby is younger than 6 weeks).
  • WIC can help with lactation support and breast pumps: 707-565-6590

  • Partnership Health Plan Members can call for breast pumps: (855) 798-8764

  • Sonoma County Breastfeeding Coalition has an up-to-date breastfeeding Resources list

  • The Mothers Milk Bank can help with donor milk in some situations, breast feeding persons with a strong supply of milk can donate to help others

Current Situation website

Families using WIC should use formula benefits early. Families may have to make more trips to the store. The store may limit how many cans of formula that can be bought at one time. 


Ask WIC or a health care provider for guidance on alternative formulas you could use.

Las familias que reciben WIC deben usar los beneficios de fórmula con tiempo. Es posible que tenga que hacer más viajes a la tienda, y que ésta limite la cantidad de latas que se pueden comprar cada vez. 


Pídale información a WIC o a un proveedor de atención médica sobre otras fórmulas que podría usar. 

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