Newsletter | May 2023 - June 2023
Investing in Infant Mental Health: 
Starting from Home
Discover how First 5 San Mateo County is investing in infant mental health to provide families with free resources and support programs. From home visiting programs that provide expert guidance and referrals to group interventions fostering growth and community, infant mental health programs prioritize children's social and emotional development. Read here to learn about what infant mental health is, and why it is so important to the growth and development of the children you support. There are resources throughout the San Mateo County community that are dedicated to supporting infants and toddlers in these early years. By investing in infant mental health, we strengthen families and create a pathway for success for every child. Learn about infant mental health and identify some of the resources that are right for your families.
5 Things We 💚 About Childcare
Childcare is an engine that drives our community, and there is a lot to love about that! Check out five of the things we love about child care, and let us know if there are any we missed!
June is Here!: Happy PRIDE!
Free Webinar: LGBTQ Issues for Young Children
Kids develop concepts of gender, families, and love before the age of five, so they need adults who have the information to support young children in feeling safe and confident in their bodies, families, classrooms, and world. Learn how to navigate questions like, "What everyday influences shape my child’s sense of what it means to be a 'boy' or a 'girl'?", "How do I support a child’s exploration through play of concepts like family and gender?", "What strategies can I use to encourage children to feel safe and confident in their bodies?"

Join this free webinar (in English) for parents, caregivers, and anyone who wants to create a more expansive, welcoming world for young children. Join us for scenario practice, interactive games, and demonstrations to support children all across the rainbow. It will be facilitated by Azisa Todd (Lead Trainer for the San Mateo County Pride Center) and Nathanael Flynn (Early Childhood Educator and co-author of Supporting Gender Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms). Closed captioning will be available.
 Discover the Power of Connection
Stay Tuned for an Upcoming Infant Mental Health Networking Event
Calling all infant mental health professionals! Get ready to connect, collaborate, and revolutionize the world of early childhood development. Stay tuned for an upcoming networking event, where infant and early childhood mental health experts in our community will converge to share insights, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that will shape the future of infant mental health. Stay tuned for more information to expand your network, gain valuable knowledge, and make a lasting impact on the lives of our youngest generation.