Feb. 26 - Mar. 13, 2019
Infants-TK News
Happy Kids, Healthy Adults
Thursday, February 28 / Wood Fellowship Hall Overflow, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Parents are invited to this free presentation by First Presbyterian Church Kristin Foster, RN.
The program will cover the impact of environmental factors in brain development and coping strategies. Kristin Foster will explore the relationship between early childhood experiences and adult anxiety, depression and coping skills .
Wiggle Room
Did you know that we have a Wiggle Room available during the 11:00am worship service? Just off the Sanctuary is our Chapel, which has the service live streamed during the 11am service. So if you have a young child you think is ready to start coming to worship but you're concerned they may not make it all the way through the service in the pew, this is a great way to make the transition!
Sunday March 24
On this Sunday we will be handing out butterfly larvae for the preschool and elementary children to take home, care for, and bring back to release on Easter Sunday. These simple little creatures are a small step in learning to care for creation and a beautiful way to celebrate the joy of Easter morning.
Sunday School Update
Sundays between 10-10:45am we have a 15 minute Bible time/class

We hope you can join us for Sunday School in the nursery!
Our stories the next two weeks will be:
2s Class:
  • March 3 - The Good Samaritan Helps
  • March 10 - Jesus Blesses Children
3s, 4s, & TK Classes:
  • March 3 - The Man Who Helped
  • March 10 - Come to Me! Jesus & Children
Upcoming Dates:
  • Child and Youth Protection Policy Training Dates - Jan /Feb

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