Nov. 5 - 19, 2019
Infants-TK News
FEAST & Thanksgiving Project
Sun., Nov. 10 / 12-1:30pm
Families Eating and Sharing Together - a luncheon for families with two’s through 5th graders
Join us for a build your own sandwich luncheon followed by creating a family Thanksgiving wreath.
Cost: $3/child and additional $2 per adult - $20 cap/family
2s-TK Sunday School Stories
Sundays between 10-10:45am we have a 15 minute Bible time with our 2s, 3s, & 4/TK Classes

We hope your child will join us for Sunday School in the nursery! Our upcoming stories are:
2s Class:
  • Nov. 10 - David is Strong
  • Nov. 17 - David & Goliath
3s, 4s, & TK Classes:
  • Nov. 10 - Lions & Bears! David the Shepherd
  • Nov. 17- David & the Giant
Parent Pool
As Christmas list making starts and grandparents want to know what to get the children, let's share what our favorite toys have been so far. So to help each other out, if you have a two year old share what their favorite toy was as a one year old. If you have a four year old what was their favorite toy as a 3 year old?
Question #4: What toys would you recommend for a child 1 year younger than your child?
  • Please be sure to include the age of the child you are recommending the toy for.
Save the Date
  • Dec. 15/ 10am- Nativity Play- Bring your preschooler to watch together!
  • Dec. 8 / 5pm- Singing in the Season. Reservations can be made starting Nov. 10
We are looking for individuals or groups who want to decorate one of the 8 trees that will be on display in the Fellowship Hall through Christmas. If you are interested, contact Caryn Overbey ( ).

Extra Hands in Children's Ministry
Children's Ministry takes a few more hands than other age groups, to care and plan for our Infants-5th graders. If you can help with an event or two this year we'd love your participation. Let us know if there is something specific you are interested in or the time of year you are available.
If you'd like to help with the ongoing planning we invite you to serve on the committee. It meets 1/month on Wednesday night from 6-7pm.
Upcoming Dates:
Director of Children's Ministry
Tammy Winchip 704.927.0265