Infectious Tidbits
The Quarterly Infectious Disease Newsletter from Tri-County Health Department
Summer 2019
Disease Highlight: Measles - Be Prepared!
What you need to know:
  • Ten jurisdictions nationwide are currently experiencing outbreaks of measles, defined as three or more cases.
  • As of 6/13/19, 1,044 cases of measles have been identified in 28 states in 2019. These jurisdictions include: New York (Rockland County, New York City), California (Butte, LA, and Sacramento Counties), Michigan, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington.
  • Be especially aware of patients with measles symptoms traveling to Colorado from these states.

What you can do:
  • Encourage everyone to get vaccinated. See vaccination rates within the TCHD jurisdiction.
  • Read the school and childcare letters TCHD distributed on 5/9/19 located on the School Wellness Page.
  • The Colorado state health department sent a Health Alert (HAN) on 4/29/19 full of great information for providers - if you did not receive this information, please contact TCHD using the numbers listed at the bottom of this newsletter.
World Zoonoses Day, July 6th, 2019
On July 6th, help bring awareness to zoonotic diseases and the relationship between humans and animals. As of 6/14/19, TCHD has identified five skunks positive for rabies in 2019. Colorado has had 73 rabies positive skunks, 10 bats, 2 raccoons, one dog, one fox, and a cow.

TCHD works closely with providers, hospitals, and animal control partners to assess human and domestic pet exposure to rabies reservoir species. Animal bites are a reportable condition , and must be immediately reported to public health. According to the CDC , in the United States, wildlife rabies, especially in bats, continues to pose a risk to humans. Travelers also might be exposed to canine rabies in countries where the disease is still present; increased awareness of rabies while traveling abroad is needed. Vaccinating pets, avoiding contact with wildlife, and seeking medical care if one is bitten or scratched by an animal are the most effective ways to prevent rabies. Understanding the need for timely administration of PEP to prevent death is critical.

If you have a patient needing rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), please call TCHD prior to administering any PEP. 303-220-9200 or after hours, 720-200-1486.

Check out the TCHD map of rabies positive animals!
National Immunization Awareness Month
This August we highlight the importance of vaccination for people of all ages, especially with the increase in vaccine preventable diseases such as measles and hepatitis A. Check out CDC 's website for more information on vaccine schedules, or the TCHD website for local immunization resources.
Hepatitis A Outbreak Update
What you need to know:
  • Nationwide we are experiencing outbreaks of hepatitis A virus (HAV) affecting people experiencing homelessness, men who have sex with men, people currently or recently incarcerated, and/or persons using street drugs.
  • Since the outbreaks were first identified in 2016 and as of 6/12/19, 22 states have reported 19,723 cases, 11,331 hospitalizations and 189 deaths.
  • In Colorado, since 10/16/18, and as of 6/12/19, there have been 71 reported cases in El Paso, Fremont, and Pueblo counties with one case in Douglas County. Check here for updates in Colorado.
  • TCHD is collaborating with community partners providing targeted messaging on prevention of HAV such as good hygiene and encouraging vaccination.
  • TCHD is also supporting outreach and vaccination for high-risk individuals at resource centers, jails, and encampments as well as piloting prevention efforts in a hospital emergency department.
  • Provide vaccination for high-risk individuals such as persons experiencing homelessness, men who have sex with men, persons recently incarcerated and persons using street drugs.
  • A single dose of vaccine can provide up to 95% protection.
Thank you to our community partners, including providers and laboratories, for support in the timely reporting of reportable conditions which is critical to our prompt and effective response to outbreaks to protect the communities we serve!
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