We have hundreds of players currently taking advantage of our open tunnels and batting cages working on improving their offense. Hitters are also utilizing our  group and  privatelessons to perfect their approach by  videotaping and analyzing their swings.  There is a huge aspect that players are missing this off-season that will separate them from other players...defense

We have an opportunity available to work on defense and to get you prepared for the season.
If you are already registered, Thanks!  
The 8 PM class is full Our JV and Varsity 9-9:45pm class has a few openings.  I would love to see you in this.  

I just ran 5 Division I, Division II,and a couple JC players through our routine.  They loved the high intensity workout and so will you.

Come join Dustin and myself for these 8 sessions Jan-February and go into tryouts prepared and ready!
Opportunity: Defensive Work
Jan 10,17,24,31 Feb 7,14,21,28 from 9:00-9:45 P.M.
-Picks & tag plays
-Ground Balls(forehand, backhand, slow rollers)
-Double Plays
-Specific Position Play
Joe Siwa
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Anyone affiliated with Joe Siwa and the Strike Zone in Omaha is joining a well oiled/first class machine. With just walking in the door, you will quickly know that all your baseball needs will be met. This is the place I would go to get my training.
Buddy Biancalana-KC Royals
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