Fellow Aloha State Republicans:

For decades, Democrats have infiltrated and infested the top leadership positions of Hawaii's Republican PartyFrank Fasi installed his liberal gang of Democrats in party posts ( some of whom are still there).  Liberal Pat Saiki installed her liberal gang ( some of whom are still there).  And RINO Linda Lingle put familiar names in charge of HRP, like reputed 3rd world sex tour operator Bob Awana, Democrat political consultant Dylan Nonaka, HART rail honcho Brennon Morioka, Akaka Bill activist Micah Kane,and others who are still keeping our local party in the dumpster.  They are the ones who work day and night to turn the Republican Party in Hawaii into a carbon copy of the Democrat Party.

Sadly, nothing has changed.  In fact, it can be argued that Hawaii GOP party chair Fritz Rohlfing has made things even worse, since he's taken someone who's an active Democrat campaigner and current Democrat staffer and put this person on the executive committee of the Republican Party for the entire island of Oahu.  Yes, just months before the 2016 election the local GOP is being steered in part by a Democrat who openly supports Hillary Clinton for President ( just like RINO Beth Fukumoto), various Democrats for Congress, Democrats for Honolulu City Council and more.

And the name of this blue-haired double-agent?  "Radiant Cordero", a senior officer of the executive committee of the Honolulu County Republican Party.   Knowingly invited into the leadership ranks of the Hawaii GOP by Rohlfing is none other than the current chief of staff to Democrat poitician Jose "Joey" Manahan:  former vice speaker of the Democrat-controlled state house, 2014 Democrat candidate for U.S. Congress, and current Democrat member of the City Council where he chairs the pro-rail transportation committee which is laying the groundwork for a permanent 10% increase in property taxes to pay for the operations and maintenance of TheTrain.

Here below, Democrat Radiant Cordero ( on the far right) is being sworn just 13 months ago at the Oahu GOP County Convention, where Cordero ran for and accepted a two year term along with Fritz Rohlfing ( 3rd from left).

. . . and here she is below working on a Democrat political campaign just a few months earlier.  Cordero has worked for Manahan since January 2013 to the present day.  Historically, paid staffers of politicians are obligated to work on their re-election campaigns.  Did Ms. Cordero do help this Democrat with his campaigns??  Of course she did.  That's Democrat Joey Manahan in the orange vest and Democratic former state house member Dennis Arakaki on the right trying to help Manahan look good for re-election THIS YEARManahan has already filed to run for re-election with the State Elections Office.

And today she is listed on the official website for Democrat City Councilman Joey Manahan as his Senior Advisor ( chief of staff).

By infiltrating the Hawaii GOP, Cordero has managed to get close to Republican candidates like Charles Djou , against whom Cordero's boss Joey Manahan ran for Congress in 2014.  Interestingly, the highly partisan Manahan echoed Mark Takai's attack on Djou during the 2014 campaign "'(Djou) voted against the state budget when he was a state legislature and voted against every single city and county budget when he was a councilmember. That is not a centrist. That actually is an obstructionist,' said Takai.  Well said @MarkTakai ... Great job on the debate last night."  Does Djou even know that he's being stabbed in the back??

This matters because the sabotage of the GOP in 2016 is nearly complete.  The current officers of the Honolulu County Republican Party, including Ms. Cordero, were elected in March 2015 on a slate fronted by Fritz RohlfingAccording to party rules, Cordero and her fellow county officers were supposed to have been using the past 13 months to make it easier for Republican candidates to get elected ( and for Democrat incumbents to be unseated).   But, in fact, they've done absolutely nothing.
Specifically, here's what the Oahu GOP rulebook calls for Cordero and her fellow do-nothing officers ( pictured above) to do:
  • Implement a 2-year action plan between elections . . .
  • conduct a voter identification and preference survey
  • conduct a program which registers voters favorable to Republican governmental policies, programs and candidates
  • deliver absentee ballot applications to identified voters
  • transport voters to the polls on Election Day
  • provide staffing of polling places for ballot security
  • develop and promote the Oahu GOP's philosophy, policies and platform
  • assist Republican candidates on Oahu with their campaigns
  • fundraising for Oahu GOP operations and activities
  • provide a communication link between all Republicans
  • carry out a PR program for the Oahu GOP
  • recruit and train candidates
  • assist and supervise all House Districts on Oahu
  • have regular meetings to make sure all this work (essential to GOP success) actually gets done
These tasks are precisely what any reasonable person knows must be performed between elections if Republicans have any hope of winning.  But, Fritz Rohlfing knows that none of this work is being doneAnd Radiant Cordero knows that none of this work is being done.  Call it nonfeasance or call it malfeasance -- Rohlfing and Cordero have knowingly sabotaged the Hawaii GOP for more than a year.
So, is having a Democrat on the executive committee of Oahu's Republican Party the actual reason why nothing is getting done?  Or, since state rules call for Fritz Rohlfing to oversee and supervise the county parties, is Rohlfing telling the Oahu GOP to stand down and do nothing
Either way, 2016 is going to be another year of electoral DOOM for Republican candidates and party members who care about the outcome.
On Election Day 2016, while watching the election returns, just remember that the latest known Democrat in a Hawaii GOP leadership position was put there knowingly by party chairman Fritz Rohlfing.  With the election nearing with each passing day, we've lost 13 crucial months thanks to closet Democrat Fritz Rohlfing and very real Democrat Radiant Cordero.
FUN FACTRINO Beth Fukumoto's sister (who used to have a job in the GOP minority research office at the state capitol) now works next door to Manahan's office at RINO Kym Pine's office and knows that Cordero has infiltrated the GOP as a do-nothing officer.  Thanks for nothing, Sarah and Beth Fukumoto.
Finally, if you wonder WHY we keep losing to Democrats, this is just another example.  The infiltration and infestation of our party's ranks by liberals, RINO's and closet Democrats continues to this very day with new faces helping to ensure that Hawaii's GOP gets nowhere.  We really don't need another Hillary supporter like Beth Fukumoto sowing the seeds of our destruction.  Thanks for nothing, Fritz Rohlfing.   Well, there's always the 2018 election.