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July 2023
Wage Reimbursement Initiative for Manufacturing Employers
The WorkPlace in partnership with The Connecticut Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship Training is providing wage reimbursement for the first two months of the apprentices’ employment. This is a great opportunity for manufacturing employers to get the funds they need to train and hire new apprentices. Eligible manufacturing employers can apply for a reimbursement of up to 50% of the wages to offset the cost associated with training, up to $3,000 per apprentice per month. 

There are many benefits to apprenticeships for employers in manufacturing. Apprentices are a great source of new talent, and they can help to fill the skills gap that employers in Connecticut are currently facing. Apprentices are also more likely to stay with their employers after they complete their training, which can help to reduce turnover costs. 

Some Connecticut businesses that have taken advantage of the manufacturing wage reimbursement include Bigelow Tea, McMellon Brothers, Xcel Tools, Rotair Aerospace, Straton Industries and Forester Precision. These businesses have all found that apprenticeships are a valuable way to train new employees and grow their businesses. 

To get started contact Jason Galassi, (203) 373-2122 or [email protected] 
The American Jobs Centers: A One-Stop Shop for Workforce Solutions
American Job Centers (AJCs) serve as vital community resources, providing support to both jobseekers and employers. These centers, operated by the U.S. Department of Labor, offer a diverse array of services and programs designed to foster employment opportunities and drive local economic growth. Individuals in the community can use the space to access talented support staff, assistive technology for persons with disabilities and computers with internet access for job search activities.

Jobseekers can benefit from the extensive resources available at AJCs. From personalized career counseling and skills assessments to job placement assistance and training opportunities, individuals receive the guidance and tools necessary to secure meaningful employment. AJCs also offer workshops on resume writing, interview skills, and networking strategies, empowering jobseekers to navigate the job market with confidence.

For employers, AJCs can provide help with recruiting and hiring, assistance with training and development, information about labor market trends, and access to government grants and loans. Additionally, AJCs assist employers with job postings, hosting job fairs, and developing customized training programs to meet specific workforce needs.

By connecting jobseekers and employers, AJCs play a crucial role in building stronger communities. Through their collaborative efforts, AJCs contribute to reducing unemployment, increasing workforce productivity, and fostering a thriving local economy.
Get Ahead with CareerConneCT
CareerConneCT is transforming the career landscape in Connecticut, offering residents the chance to gain essential skills and training for in-demand jobs. Regardless of whether you're seeking to reenter the workforce, upgrade your skills, or embark on your first job, CareerConneCT has something for everyone. This program offers tuition-free, short-term certificate programs in industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT, Green Jobs, and more. In just 5 to 12 weeks, job seekers of all ages can earn industry-recognized credentials and connect with employers ready to hire.

With a dedicated case manager and support services like equipment, childcare, transportation, and rental assistance, CareerConneCT sets you up for success. To get started, apply using the button below. Questions? Contact Deb Oliver at [email protected] or call (203) 610-6565.
Training Courses Enrolling Now
Searching for career-focused training opportunities? Discover the wide array of upcoming trainings offered by The WorkPlace. Participants will benefit from personalized career coaching, guidance in creating impactful resumes and mastering interview techniques, dedicated assistance in job search and placement, and access to additional supportive services tailored to individual needs. Take charge of your career trajectory with The WorkPlace.
CNC Machining
Classes start August 7th.

CNC Precision Machining Level 1 is a new approach to advancing skills and experience in precision machining and inspection. Equip yourself with the knowledge and proficiency required to excel in the field, setting the foundation for a successful journey in CNC Machining.

For more information, contact Alexandra Langston, (203) 610-8139
IT CompTIA A+ Prep Course
Classes start August 7th.

Training readies individuals for entry-level IT positions, starting with the vital CompTIA A+ certification. This course covers all topics necessary for the industry-recognized CompTIA A+ exams, preparing students for a successful career.

For more information, contact Alexandra Langston, (203) 610-8139
Community Health Worker
Classes start August 21st.

Community Health Workers are public health outreach professionals that serve as a liaison between the community and the health care and social services system.

For more information, contact Rakiya Bello-Green, (203) 683-9582.
Success Stories
Platform to Employment - Graduation Speaker
Jamaal Taitt
Jamaal Taitt is a remarkable success story of the Platform to Employment program. Recently graduating from the program, Jamaal now works as an Audio-Visual Engineer at BNY Mellon. Jamaal took the stage at June's graduation to share his experience. Listen below to his testimonial.
Upcoming Events
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Health CareeRx Academy Info Session
Every Tuesday at 10 am and Thursday at 2 pm
Learn about healthcare career pathways.
Community Health Worker Info Session
Wednesdays at 11 am
Learn about community health worker training opportunities.
The WorkPlace Board of Directors Meeting
Friday, September 15, 2023, from 8:15 a.m.–9:30 a.m.
For more information, contact Tiffany Johnson.
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Timmothy Griffin, Platform to Employment Re-Entry
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