Weekly eNewsletter | June 14, 2021 | Volume 166
Influenza Testing and Variant Influenza A Virus Detection
The 2021 city and county fair season in Wisconsin is quickly approaching. During recent summers, swine exhibitions at agricultural fairs and other direct or indirect exposure to swine have been associated with human infections caused by variant influenza A viruses that include A/H3N2v, A/H1N2v, and A/H1N1v. So far this year, five cases of variant influenza A have been detected in humans including two cases in Wisconsin.
June 25-26 - Wisconsin Cattleman's Summer Tour

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According to the USDA what percentage of cattle pregnancies result in twins?

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Tuberculosis is a Rising Concern in U.S. Cattle Herds
And old disease has become new again, with the growing emergence of positive cases of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in cattle herds across the United States.
“Tuberculosis is a ‘zoonotic’ disease, which means it can spread between animals and humans,” explained New Mexico State Veterinarian Dr. Ralph Zimmerman. “When it spreads from humans to animals, we call it a ‘reverse zoonotic event.’”
Markets Steady After Cyberattack
A cyberattack and weather dominated agricultural conversations this week. The ransomware attack on JBS caused the closure of nine establishments, but the stoppages were short-lived with those facilities back online and working toward pre-attack capacity. The company announced less than one workday was lost due to the attack, and will be made up by the end of next week.
Evers Receives Distinguished Public Service Award
The Wisconsin Pork Association granted its Distinguished Public Service Award to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers during its 2021 annual meeting. The honor recognizes an individual who provides outstanding support of the state’s pork industry.
According to a USDA survey, the frequency of twins during calving is about two percent of pregnancies.
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