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The newly renovated and expanded $5 million headquarter facility of Info-X Software Technology situated in Gurgaon, the high-tech capital of India.




GURGAON, INDIA (August 20, 2014) -- Info-X Software Technology, provider of software solutions and back-office support to US-based transportation companies, introduces its newly renovated and expanded $5 million headquarter facility situated in Gurgaon, the high-tech capital of India. The facility expansion accommodates the growing number of new employees, which increases 15-20% a year.  


"The success of our back-office business for the forwarding and NVO business in particular is driving the need for more space," said Rishi Parti, Director, Info-X Software Technology. "And, as this investment indicates-we are confident in our growth strategy. This $5 million expansion ensures we are ready to handle the increased business in a smooth, seamless fashion, without our clients feeling an expansion in quality and service."


Anticipating continued growth, Info-X increased the size of its headquarters by 40%, through land acquisition and expanded, renovated construction. Additional strategic expenditures went toward establishing a training station, enhancing security systems to ensure privacy, and most importantly, installing state-of-the-art technological improvements, including increased bandwidth and back-up systems to ensure consistent productivity.


The success of Info-X's back-office support business directly coincides with the explosion of the outsourcing market, an aspect of a business plan that is now seen as providing a competitive advantage. In fact, the U.S. spent nearly $300 billion on IT outsourcing last year, tripling its size from its 1996 estimates.


According to Harvard Business Review, outsourcing is one of the most important management ideas and practices of the past 75 years.


With a proven track record of cost savings and higher productivity, outsourcing was propelled from an insignificant line item to a key business strategy. Studies show 73% of the top 100 companies outsource at least one of their business processes, with anywhere between 10-20% of total budget allocated to outsourcing.


Although outsourcing was initially viewed as a tool for handling low-risk functions such as data entry, it is now used for high-risk, high-visibility functions that require specialized talent.


"We at Info-X understand that our clients need to trust their back-office partner to be knowledgeable and sophisticated in the industry," said Parti. "As the first India-based back-office support provider to service the international transportation industry, we have mastered how to develop a well-trained, specialized team that understands the business better than anyone else."


Established in 2001, Info-X provides a staff of 150 professionals to handle all data entry and processing, cargo tracking, tariff management, accounting and business coordination, resulting in 250,000 transactions per month. Info-X have provided a great impetus to the logistic companies in USA by reducing their costs up to 40%, enhancing the customer satisfaction by ensuring document accuracies of 99.9% and quick turnaround times, as well as enabling the management to focus on core activities of marketing and sales.


Invisible to the end consumer, Info-X back-office staff works on U.S. time and provides 24/7 on-line support. The system provides real-time global collaboration whereby requests submitted in the evening are worked on overnight and in the client's inbox the next morning.


All reports bear the name of the client and are distributed from a client-specific email address. Further, Info-X ensures all data is protected with an elaborate security system.


Key advantages of outsourcing with a specialized, like-minded partner:

  • Core business focus: Re-allocating non-core functions allows manpower to be used more efficiently, focusing on the core business
  • Cost savings: Outsourcing time-consuming, frustrating activities to a market with a lower cost of operations results significant cost savings
  • High quality work: Aligning with a team of specialized, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to a specific business ensures high quality work
  • Increased speed and productivity: Collaborating with an organization that works 24/7 on U.S. time, such as Info-X, increases speed and productivity
  • Safety net: In cases of natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances in the U.S., your outsourcing partner continues to work on day-to-day functions

About Info-X

Info-X has been providing software solutions and back-office services to the transportation industry since 2001. With its rich experience, Info-X ensures high quality services through in-depth knowledge of the logistics business, world-class software solutions and services, a dedicated team of talented executives, state-of-the-art infrastructure and strong management focus.