Edwards Electronic Systems, Inc. is a proud certified distributor of Edwards Signaling Technology (EST), an innovator in the design, manufacture and installation of leading edge fire alarm signals and systems for over 130 years. They have served Fortune 500 and other worldwide companies, as their fire alarm products perform flawlessly to the challenging standards required to ensure workplace safety. EES and EST are pleased to announce the next generation of its trend-setting Signature Series family of intelligent life safety devices. The new line of detectors presents an exciting development that represents the most important and forward-looking advance in EDWARDS intelligent analog technology since the flagship line of detectors and modules first introduced almost a quarter century ago. 

This state-of-the-art communication protocols offer stable, fast and dependable response, while advances in hardware design and manufacture provide efficient data processing and highly reliable life safety detection. In fact, the new line of detectors is fully backward-compatible with Signature Series bases, modules, loop controllers, and power supplies currently in service. They can be mixed on the same circuit as existing detectors, and they offer the same outstanding functionality that has made Signature Series such a popular choice among architects, engineers, and building owners the world over.

During the winter months, people are more apt to quickly turn on Space heaters to help provide welcome warmth in chilly rooms. However, this warmth comes with a big CAUTION! Each year space heaters cause more than 25,000 residential fires and send 6,000 people to the ER for treatment of burns (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). There are several ways you can stay safe by using these recommendations:
  1. Give the heater plenty of space by not placing combustible items within 3 feet of the heater. This is the leading cause of space heater fires.
  2. Use wall plug-ins as opposed to using extension cords or multi-outlet strips.
  3. Purchase a heater that has all the latest safety features and the Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) label of approval. Automatic shutoff features that turn the unit off if it's tipped over or overheating is a must, especially if you have kids or pets!
  4. Always turn off a space heater when you leave the room and before going to bed.
  5. Lastly, be sure you have a smoke alarm in every room in which you plan to run a space heater. A carbon monoxide detector should be used if you're operating a gas space heater. 
Feel free to share this information with your friends, family, and co-workers! EES wishes you a safe and happy 2017!