Questions and concerns about “personal conveyance” have flooded the IMTA office over the last several months. Carriers of all sizes have continued to struggle with the parameters of personal conveyance and interpretations from the carriers are just as varied. IMTA has continued to share these concerns with FMCSA officials about these issues and now you have the opportunity to promote change relative to the current personal conveyance guidelines!

Recognizing the issues surrounding personal conveyance, FMCSA is now looking for feedback from carriers and is now in the process of accepting comments from the trucking industry as they review this rule and determine if changes need to be made.

Personal conveyance is often used in the trucking industry when a company allows a driver to use an empty commercial motor vehicle for a personal conveyance to travel short distances from their terminal to their house or from en-route lodgings to restaurants or on other similar trips for personal reasons. The interpretation of the regulation, found in 49 CFR 395.8, very specifically states that the truck must be “unladen” in order to utilize the personal conveyance option.

IMTA members are urged to provide their input and more importantly share their suggestions and ideas on changes that need to be made to the current guidance.

“Submitting comments is the most effective way we can promote change with regulatory rules. IMTA members have continued to express concern and exasperation with the personal conveyance rules and now they have a chance to weigh in on this important rule. We need to get as many comments as possible to show that this truly is an issue so IMTA members must get involved in this effort,” said IMTA President Brenda Neville.

While IMTA will be submitting comments based on the feedback they have received, the actual number of comments that are submitted are instrumental in illustrating the gravity of the issue so changes could be made.

IMTA members are urged to submit comments. The comments can simply be a brief statement on the issue and the process to submit comments is relatively easy. IMTA will be happy to assist any member that wants to submit comments. 

To learn more about submitting comments for this issue, click here .
The graphic above shows how truck enforcers in each state are handling enforcement of the electronic logging device until April 1. Though the U.S. DOT required nearly all truckers who keep records of duty status to switch to an  ELD  by December 18, there’s somewhat of a soft enforcement period ongoing until April 1, the date established by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance for when out-of-service orders for non-compliance will begin being issued.

Some states, as the graphic shows, have told enforcers outright to not issue citations or tickets for non-compliance until April 1, while others have left the decision up to the officers themselves.

Enforcement in the state of Iowa is writing warnings for ELD non-compliance until April 1, 2018. This will not have CSA points assigned by Iowa until after April 1.

ATA President & CEO, Chris Spear, ATA Economist Bob Costello and ATA Membership VP for Iowa, Eric Parker recently spent time in Iowa visiting with membership prospects and meeting with current ATA members.

A group of Central Iowa IMTA members sat down with Chris and Eric over dinner and discussed a number of issues. The driver shortage was at the top of the list for discussion, followed by flexibility in the Hours of Service regulations.

F4A was another top discussion point, as was the value of reaching a NAFTA agreement.

“There is no shortage of important topics to discuss and I continue to believe that the new leadership at ATA has been instrumental in bringing some of these important issues to the forefront,” said Gary Handley with BTI Special Commodities, an attendee of the Des Moines dinner that featured Chris and Eric.

As the ATA team worked in Central Iowa and Eastern Iowa, the message was consistent, “ATA is committed to working on the important and relevant issues that are impacting carriers of all sizes across the nation. F4A, workforce development and flexibility in the Hours of Service regulations are a top priority. ATA is working to unify the industry not divide the industry and these are just some of the issues that are impacting every single trucker” said Chris. 

IMTA's Director of Safety, Don Egli, recently spent time in Decorah, Iowa, to conduct a safety meeting at Olson Explosives. Thank you to Rhonda Albert and Mark Olson for putting safety first! Through Iowa Truck Services, Olson Explosives was able to choose from a full-scope of regulatory, safety and compliance services that best suited their operation needs. Now more than ever, any trucking operation needs to focus on safety and compliance!

It may only be February, but work has already begun on the 2018 IMTA Management Conference. Committee members met last week to dive into the planning process, and we can promise you some exciting opportunities are on the horizon that you do not want to miss. Thank you to Rory Triplett, Insurance Associates, for serving as the Chairman of this year's event.


The Iowa Council of Safety Management held their annual Regulatory Update meeting in January with the following individuals representing their respective agencies & providing ICSM members with updates on the latest regulatory & legislative issues of importance: Shirley McGuire (FMCSA); Chief Dave Lorenzen & Assistant Chief Tom Bruun (Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement); and Sgt. Brett Tjepkes & Captain Nathan Fulk (Iowa State Patrol).

Over 70 individuals participated in the 2018 Association Update webinar, presented by IMTA President Brenda Neville and IMTA Chairman of the Board Kevin Gass. Thank you to all who took the time to get better acquainted with the IMTA.

What is LEAD IMTA?
LEAD IMTA is dedicated to promoting outreach and involvement by the many different segments of the membership that are providing leadership to IMTA and the trucking industry. Leadership takes many different forms therefore everyone can provide valuable leadership. LEAD IMTA promotes that involvement and is open to anyone that wants to step up and get involved.

Who Oversees the LEAD IMTA Activities?
The LEAD IMTA council is comprised of 11 individuals that develop and implement various events and activities that will promote involvement by members that serve in a variety of roles in the trucking industry. These 11 individuals were asked to serve on this inaugural council based on their involvement with IMTA’s leadership program and a strong desire to build upon the success of IMTA’s leaders program. The council meets a few times a year and holds monthly conference calls. LEAD IMTA is in the process of becoming an official division of the association. 
"I love being involved with the LEAD IMTA Council because I respect and appreciate what IMTA is doing and intend to be in the trucking industry for a long time. Because of that, I feel that I represent the future of this association and industry and through LEAD IMTA activities, I can play an important role in shaping the future of IMTA."

Director of Recruiting & Marketing/Branding 
West Side Transport, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
The LEAD IMTA Council is responsible for the development of the annual LEAD IMTA Conference.

Now in its 4th year, this annual conference is quickly becoming very popular among IMTA members and offers a variety of sessions that promote professional and personal development.

Additionally the Conference is also a great opportunity for continued networking among IMTA members.

Mark your calendars now to reserve August 8 & 9 so you can attend the LEAD IMTA Conference! 

FirstSource Solutions is a preferred partner of the Iowa Motor Truck Association offering DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing, DOT Physicals, and background screening services. IMTA members can take advantage of competitive, pre-negotiated discount pricing. FirstSource Solutions’ network is one of the largest in the country, with over 15,000 locations including all major labs, clinics, and collection sites.

Through the IMTA’s Preferred Partner programs, members can take advantage of valuable services and products provided by quality vendors. The guess work is completely taken out of the equation since the IMTA conducts a comprehensive evaluation process that was developed and implemented by a panel of carrier members.

Every partner program allows members with one truck or 1,000 trucks have the same opportunity to take advantage of quality products and services. The IMTA is confident that you're businesses will become more efficient and profitable when doing business with any number of these companies. For more information, visit .

Decker Truck Line, Inc. is looking for an experienced Safety Director to join them at their beautiful Corporate Headquarters in Fort Dodge, Iowa as their Vice President of Safety! The Vice President of Safety will ensure compliance with all applicable government regulations and oversee the company’s safety program and loss control procedures. To learn more about the position or to apply please visit . Decker is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
IMTA receives requests from members on a regular basis to place ads in our publications. If you would like to place your ad in the InfoFlash, please contact Janelle at the IMTA office for details.

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