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August 21, 2020
This Week at a Glance:

Tuesday, August 25: Contemplative Meditation UUSP Meditations YouTube - "Channels of Grace" from St. Francis of Assisi
Wednesday, August 26 - Wednesday Zoom Discussion (10am & 7pm): Robin DiAngelo’s, "White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism­? No time to read a book? Read the selected quotes emailed by Pastor Jack for an overview – and note which one’s you’d like to discuss.
Thursday August 27: Zoom* Citizen's Cafe' 12:00pm A chance to share about the socio-political issues of the week and times. Look for the Zoom invitation arriving on August 25.

For those experiencing a serious sense of isolation, please feel free to call or email Pastor Jack (352-327-6166 or for a phone or Zoom visit.

Many covenant groups and committees are meeting virtually; contact your group leader for details.
*Zoom links will be sent to all regularly and on the website.
Email Pastor Jack directly to be added or removed from the distribution list.
Building a Community in a Pandemic E-vents

  • August 22, Saturday: "6 x 6" Social Let's try some in-person socializing with safe distancing! A "6 x 6" Social is a careful gathering of up to six people at a UUSP member's home or common area. The host provides a spacious outdoor setting, where folks can gather, share a brown bag meal, and spend some time together maintaining 6 foot social distancing.
  • The first "6 x 6" will be at the pool and covered patio area at Greg Davidson's condo.Come as early as 5:00p if you'd like to swim - shower and changing facilities are availableDinner will be at 7:00 pm.
  • Guests bring their own food and drink. Please EMAIL Greg Davidson or call 612-229-1015 to claim one of the six spots. First come, first served! And there is Still Room... He will send you directions and information about parking. 

If you'd like to host a "6 x 6" event, please contact Sabine (973-768-3256)

  • August 24, Monday 5:30pm What are you Watching? - Dave Mapp and Amy Putkonen: Join Dave and Amy in sharing your favorite movies and shows, what you like/dislike, and why you do or don’t recommend for broad consumption. All favorite “picks” will be listed and shared. What are you watching so far....
  • Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID: 924 2285 2735

  • September 5: UUSP Walk & Wavers - Pick your Area, Quick Visits to UUSP members/friends, Zoom meeting at night. Watch for more information....

We are adding virtual E-vents to our UUSP calendar. Please reach out to Sabine (973-768-3256) if you need help accessing events OR if you have ideas for an event.
In case you missed it....
Cooking From Diverse Cultures, with the Archibalds, you are in luck! Tom's presentation of his and Barbara's journey to the China Silkroad, experiencing the Uyghur minority in the world's most populated and homogeneous country, AND making Uyghur noodles can be seen in the link below that can be viewed directly or downloaded and viewed on an MP3 player: Recording of Cooking with the Archibalds
Pastor Jack's Weekly Message
Dear Friends,
It feels tragically ironic to take inspiration from Ann Frank during America’s pandemics – but still I do. She wrote in part, “That’s the difficulty in these times: ideals, dreams, cherished hopes rise within us, only to meet horrible truth and shatter. It’s a wonder that I haven’t dropped my ideals, yet I keep them because, in spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart and, looking into the heavens, I think that it will come right, this cruelty will end, and peace and tranquility will return. In the meantime, I must uphold my ideals.” 

So must we, though even people united in ideals may divide over practices. And so, ideally, we must be gracious, that the union sustaining us may become more perfect and, to borrow another phrase, not perish from the earth.

Wishing you blessings for your week,  
Pastor Jack
Religious Education
Upcoming Wednesday Zoom Adult Religious Studies

Starting Wednesday, Sept. 16 (10am and 7pm, as usual – your choice): The Report of the UUA Commission on Institutional Change: “Widening the Circle of Concern”.   You may order the book from the – or download a copy from an email you will soon receive from Pastor Jack. Contact Jack if you have questions.
Children's Religious Education:
August 23, 2020

This month’s theme for
Religious Education is Journey.

Check out our RE Newsletter, which has some great information.

What? - you aren't receiving it?
Please contact

For this weeks' lesson from Ms. Trish, click on her picture below.
 Journey of Life 
For this weeks lesson from Ms. Jeanay:

"The Lifelines in Our UU Chalice"

Youth - please joint us for our Meet up and Chat at 1:30p.

Contemplative Meditation Readings
(Moving to Tuesday)

**How to do Mindful Meditation
  1. Set your alarm for 5 to 40 minutes;
  2. Sit erect, breathe deeply once or twice to relax;
  3. Watch your breathing ease to normal, observing breath come and go;
  4. Count in cycles of ten breaths if it helps you keep observing – or repeat a “sacred” word for focus (e.g., peace, grace, life, thanks, care, see, being);
  5. If deep focus is lost to extraneous thought, feeling, or sensation, note it simply as “thought” or “feeling” or “sensation” and return to your breath or word;
  6. Sometimes, for deeper peace, try shifting attention to consciousness itself or to your sense of being.
  7. When your timer goes off, remain awake.
UUSP Community
Please Review UUSP

The more positive reviews that are posted online about UUSP, the higher the UUSP appears in online searches.

Please take a moment to review UUSP using the two links noted below. Noting key words such as those from the 7 principles also helps those to find us.

Reviews should be done on these websites:

You are invited to attend a house meeting on Zoom for FAST. These house meetings are designed to build our relationships with each other and to identify what is causing pain or concern in your life.

The anonymous reports on the issues raised will be used to bring to a vote what issues we will work together on in FAST in the coming year.

The two house meetings will both be on
Sunday, September 20
4 - 5:30pm and 6 - 7:30pm

Hosted by John Motter and Pat Fling. Please contact one of them to be included.

Your legacy includes your memories and your stories. Stay tuned to this spot.

Did you get the last newsletter? Click here to check it out
  • Facilities Master Planning
  • Project Updates
  • Did you know...?? (I didn't)

Staying Connected With Pastor Jack & Staff
Our UUSP staff members will continue their duties in a safe, cautious manner to the fullest degree possible. Thank you, Cathy, Jeanay, Jon and Ciera! And many volunteers!

During this challenging time, may we remember that we need to pay close attention to how everybody is doing and how we can help.  

Pastor’s Open-Air Office Hours: :  For those experiencing a serious sense of isolation, you are welcome to contact Pastor Jack (352-327-6166)  to arrange a visit online or in the open air at the church.

For members with mobility limitations, upon request, he will be glad to visit with you at any open-air location (eg, backyards, porches, local parks).
Social Justice


Lay offs! House evictions! Homelessness! The number of people needing food assistance is growing daily. 
Last week Virginia Fox and her team kicked off this new UUSP Social Justice Committee outreach program which funnels food to an ongoing food distribution program that provides assistance to 200 people at 5 locations. It is so easy to help out — just two simple steps: 
1.    Pick up a few extra items while grocery shopping, like peanut butter, crackers, cheese crackers, canned tuna and chicken, protein bars, fruit cups, raisins. Please only non- perishable ready to eat food items. Easy to open/pull top lids are preferred.

2.    Drop off your food donations at one of the following addresses. Boxes for your donations will placed outside the front door of each of these homes:
  • Virginia & Billy Breuler, 6220-14th Ave S, Gulfport
  • Dani Skrzypek & Deb Robinson, 6051 3rd Ave S, St Pete.  

What Can I Do in the Middle of a Pandemic?

  • Join in fighting community hunger! Contribute to the Southside Food Bridge project. See details above.  

  • Be Informed, Vote Informed: Join the League of Women Voters next immigration conversation on August 24th at 6:30pm via Zoom. We will focus on how the U.S. Customs & Immigration Service's new policies and higher fees impact citizenship, green card and DACA applicants.
  • * You must RSVP here  to receive the Zoom link *
Resources within UUSP
Helping One Another: Just reach out to Pastor Jack or Patti HanksCare Committee so we can help lift you up or lift those that may need it through a message at Sunday Service or just to talk to them.
Our UUSP Sermons are available on UUSP's website and our YouTube Channel: You can see information for our past worship services, since our new website went live, under Past Worship Services. All Services from mid-March 2020 - current are available on our UUSP YouTube Channel.
Thank you for your interest in UU St. Petersburg!
From me to you and to those around you Stay Safe and Stay Well!

Kelli DeGraw, part of your Communications Team.
Feedback and suggestions are welcome (
Our mission is to be an inclusive, evolving religious community that inspires spiritual and intellectual growth to make our world a better place.