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May 8 , 2020
This Week at a Glance:

 Monday : Weekly Minute Meditation 8:00am UUSP YouTube Channel
Tuesday: Zoom Lunchtime Check-in/Chat 12:30pm (mindful meditation* on your own, pre or post).
Wednesday: Zoom Adult Religious Studies Book Discussions (10am or 7pm) F.M. Lappe's Daring Democracy, Chapt 3.
Thursday: Weekly Minute Meditation #2 8:00am UUSP YouTube Channel
Thursday: Zoom Citizen's Cafe' 12:00pm
Friday: Zoom Lunchtime Check-in/Chat 12:30pm (mindful meditation* on your own, pre or post).

Zoom invitations are sent to all members and also to friends who request invitations.
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Pastor Jack's Weekly Wonder
Dear Friends, 

Happy Mother’s Day!   May this Sunday mark the beginning of a new era, when every mother feels lighter and more at ease with new hope for her children’s future. As this past Thursday’s meditation from Julia Ward Howe pleaded, may a newly awakened era realize the blessings of “charity, mercy and patience” in every heart.

On Easter Sunday just past, the Tampa Bay Times gave us a lovely “Perspectives” section, offering thoughts - from area clergy, philosophers past and present, and local “thoughtful writers”- on responding to the pandemic.  From the twelve clergy, reliance was mainly put on traditional faith and practice, with the resonant reminders for me being to care for the marginalized and, like Mary Magdalene at the Easter tomb, to respond with hope in the midst of despair. Thank you, clergy

UU Community
UU the Vote  is a non-partisan faith initiative to engage our neighbors, educate our communities, mobilize voters, and rally around key ballot initiatives. All through 2020 the UUA is supporting congregations and UU organizations in activating thousands of Unitarian Universalists to mobilize for electoral justice at the local, state and national levels.

What does it mean to practice our UU principles during a pandemic? What are we doing to guarantee free and fair elections in states targeted by voter suppression? 
Please join us for a LIVE, nation-wide virtual event,  How we Thrive  on May 12, 2020 at 7:00pm Central, featuring musicians from across the nation and opportunities to get involved and learn more.  Please  sign up here .
Religious Education
Wednesday Zoom Adult Religious Studies Book Discussions
May 13, 10:00am & 7:00pm

We will begin a five-session discussion of Frances Moore Lappe’s Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want . Quotes will be provided as the focus of each discussion. Contact Pastor Jack to receive the Zoom Link and Discussion points.
Children's Religious Education:
May 10, 2020

This month’s theme for Religious Education is  Thresholds .

Explore the ways that thresholds are
inviting Mother's Day (K - 3rd) and
how they represent an end and new beginning - feeling welcomed into the new (4th - 12th) .

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Miss Trish (above) K - 3rd grade
Miss Jeanay (below 4th - 12th grade
Experimental Online Weekly Meditation Schedule (feedback appreciated)
Tuesdays & Thursdays Contemplative Meditation
Pastor Jack will offer a ten-minute online contemplative meditation based on selected readings. Readings this coming week are from Albert Einstein on “Our Task” and Rebecca Solnit on “Hope” Participate at UUSP YouTube Channel .

* Mindfulness Meditation Sessions:
Mindful Meditation (Vipassana/Insight Meditation) guidelines:
1) Set your alarm for 5 to 40 minutes;
2) Sit erect, breathe deeply once or twice to relax;
3) Breathe normally, watching your breath come and go;
4) Count in cycles of ten breaths if it helps stay focused on your breath;
5) If breath-focus is lost in thoughts or feelings, note them and return to your breath;
6) Sometimes, for deeper peace, try shifting attention to consciousness itself or to just being.
Social Justice
Continue to Support this Effort!

Your Support for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers
H ad an Impact!

Your calls and emails to Governor DeSantis made a difference. Collier County Public Health has obtained 1,000 COVID tests and will begin testing farmworkers in Immokalee this coming Sunday. This is a step forward — but we must continue to advocate on behalf of all 25,000 farmworkers in Immokalee.

Continue to email Governor Ron DeSantis  or call 800-342-3557 NOW and tell our governor to:
  1. Set up a field hospital, or alternative care facility, in Immokalee to provide both treatment for COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, and a separate quarantine space to allow workers with milder symptoms to self-isolate.
  2. Require agricultural employers to provide personal protective gear, particularly masks, to farmworkers for use while they are traveling to and from the fields

This population is very vulnerable , which could lead to Florida not having enough workers to harvest our crops. 

You can also help by making masks for the farmworkers. Email Dani to help out. 

My thanks to each of you, Karen Coale
UUSP Community
Their recent newsletter really reminds us of our goals for UUSP.
  • Facilities Master Plan
  • Landscaping
  • Kitchen Remodel
Caring & Connected Newsletter
We are continuing to sent out the e-newsletter  “Caring & Connected” to help sustain our UUSP community during uncertain times. Click  HERE to read it and learn “how can I help?” and "how can I stay connected?” during the church closure. 

for the Communications Team
Did you know your retirement plan can benefit the UUSP Endowment Fund, as well as your family? Your gift can secure the future for both.

Stay tuned to this spot. We will tell you more in the coming weeks. Till then, stay safe!
Metaphors Meetup - Tuesday May 12 at 7pm
If you like poetry, or want to learn more about poetry, please join our next Metaphors Meetup. The poem(s) we’ll discuss are very accessible to all, and will be sent to you before the meetup.

Please let Paul Burnore know you’ll be joining so that the poem(s) can be sent to you. And send any questions you might have.

Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 770 480 0200
Staying Connected With Pastor Jack & Staff
Pastor’s Open-Air Office Hours:   :   For those experiencing a serious sense of isolation, you are welcome to contact Pastor Jack (352-327-6166)  to arrange a visit online or in the open air at the church.

For members with mobility limitations, upon request, he will be glad to visit with you at any open-air location (eg, backyards, porches, local parks).

Our UUSP staff members will continue their duties in a safe, cautious manner to the fullest degree possible. Our Church Office Administrator is now working from home and can be reached at .

During this challenging time, may we remember that we need to pay close attention to how everybody is doing and how we can help.   
Resources within UUSP
Helping One Another: If you need help, or need to talk. Or if you know of a UUSPer who might? Please notify Patti Hanks , Care Committee or Reach out to Pastor Jack .

Joys & Concerns: Share those joys you are having during this time of separation , as they will help us all feel the light. You may also have concerns , reach out to Pastor Jack or Patti Hanks so we can help lift you up or lift those that may need it.
Our UUSP Sermons (printed or audio) are available on UUSP's website :  C lick the Spirituality tab, click Worship Services and Sermons. Scroll down the services and you will see "Sermons and Readings" and Audio Icon (small speaker) and will now be on our UUSP YouTube Channel .
Thank you for your interest in UU St. Pete!
From me to you and to those around you, Be Safe and Be Well!

Kelli DeGraw and your Communications Team.
Feedback or suggestions are welcome (
Our mission is to be an inclusive , evolving religious community that inspires spiritual and intellectual growth to make our world a better place .