Informal STEM Education News Update
Informal STEM Education 101: Public-Private Partnerships & Measures of Success
STEM Education Coalition

This past Wednesday, December 9th, the STEM Education Coalition Policy Forum joined the National Science Teachers Association, American Chemical Society, Afterschool Alliance, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Education 
  Development Center, and the Association for Computing Machinery to host the second edition of the Policy Forum's policy briefings on informal STEM education.

Focused on public-private partnerships and how we measure their levels of success, the briefing hosted a national gathering of informal STEM experts with on-the-ground knowledge and expertise, as well as professionals who have been examining the national trends and levels of success of informal STEM programs for students.

Experts on the panel included, Tyler Chandler, Florida's State Director for the Afterschool All Stars; Michael Kaurich, the Operations Director for STEM Action in Maryland; Anita Krishnamurthi, the Vice President of STEM Policy for the Afterschool Alliance; and Nick Hutchinson, the Executive of US2020.

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About the STEM Education Coalition Policy Forum
The STEM Education Coalition's Policy Forum is a new 501c3 non-profit organization launched by the Coalition in 2015 to focus on developing a deeper understanding of emerging and critical STEM education policy issues.  The Policy Forum aims to keep stakeholders informed about policy issues through organizing public events, publications, hosting policy roundtables, and other informational public functions.