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Education Advocacy Agenda & Webinar


The Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council has adopted its 2014 legislative/advocacy agenda, with input from its grassroots advocacy networks (LaCAN and LaTEACH), Families Helping Families and People First. 

LaTEACH Advocacy Agenda
LaTEACH will continue to advocate for the inclusive education of all students. The education funding formula should be equitable across schools, based on student need and not based on performance, placement or disability type. Grade promotion and diploma criteria should be based on IEP team decisions regarding achievable and meaningful student growth targets and outcomes for students with disabilities.

Fact sheets for each agenda item have been developed and are available on the Council's website as indicated below.
Individuals interested in taking part in these advocacy efforts, including participation in upcoming legislative visits, should contact the LaTEACH Leader for their region. 
Click HERE for the LaDDC News article with the Council's Legislative Advocacy Agenda.
Education Accountability and Diploma Pathways Webinar

Please consider participating in a webinar this Friday morning to discuss the Council's education advocacy agenda related to accountability and diploma pathways. 


Computer and internet are necessary to access the webinar.

Education Accountability and Diploma Pathways Based on Maximizing Student Potential
Friday, November 15, 2013
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

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This webinar will feature a brief presentation of the recommendations for grade promotion and diploma pathways to be based on criteria established by the IEP team.  Following the presentation a panel will respond to participant questions and feedback.

The recommendations are a collaborative effort and supported by the Louisiana Association of Special Education Administrators, The Developmental Disabilities Council, The Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center, every Families Helping Families Regional Resource Center, the National Federation of the Blind in Louisiana, National Organizations of Professionals in Blindness Education, Louisiana Organization of Parents of Blind Children, Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness and the Autism Society of Acadiana.

The recommendations seek to have an education accountability system that maximizes the potential of every child by allowing recognition (i.e., grade promotion and diploma) to students who meet criteria established by their IEP team (i.e., the people closest to the student).  This model of allowing the people closest to the student (i.e., the IEP team) make decisions regarding criteria for earning a diploma is used in other states, like Texas.  

In 2011, only 29% of students with disabilities in Louisiana graduated in four years compared to 77% of students with disabilities in Texas.  The data for all states can be viewed at the following link (state graduation rates for students with disabilities is in the ninth (9th) column):