Dr. Marcia Kent

Dr. Marcia Kent is the mother of three elementary boys and triple board-certified Child/Adolescent, Adult and Forensic Psychiatrist. She comes from Michigan, where she grew up on a grain and fruit farm. There, her parents taught her to work hard and care for others, whenever possible, as an active part of their faith. Dr. Kent turned those lessons to studying medicine and psychiatry at Michigan State University where she found her passion in child psychiatry. She pursued fellowships in Child/Adolescent and Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Washington in Seattle, and ran her own practice for 12 years until she returned to be near her aging mother in Michigan. Dr. Kent has broad work experience in many settings including residential treatment, private practice, juvenile justice and community mental health and most recently at Michigan State University’s student health center. She is excited to join the team to improve the health and well being of the children/adolescents at HCC’s Live Well Centers. In this capacity, Dr. Kent will focus all of her energy on patient care, but off the clock, will spend time with family doing things like biking, sports activities, boating and family events.