Information Update for 3/17/2020
Date: 17 March, 2020

To: Village of Maple Bluff Residents

From: Tanner Nystrom, Village Administrator / Chief of Police

Subject: COVID-19 Preparedness & Response for the Village of Maple Bluff

Dear Residents,

Amid the COVID-19 emergency, we will continually provide information to our community to help maintain the health of our residents and employees.
April Election – While there is no indication that the April 7 th election will be modified, all voters are being encouraged to absentee vote by mail. Visit to request a ballot be mailed to you. View today’s press release from the Dane County Clerk regarding absentee voting and online registration here
Garbage Collection – Help keep our employees safe by bagging all of your garbage. As the public works crew empties your garbage can into the back of the truck, we want to limit their exposure to loose items that could make them ill. We realize this is extra plastic, however, it will help ensure we maintain staffing levels to provide efficient services.
Toilet Paper Alternatives – NONE of these items are flushable. Yes, even the ones labeled as “flushable” should NOT be flushed. If the shortage of toilet paper has you using alternatives, please do not introduce them into our wastewater system. These alternatives do not breakdown and cause significant backups and problems for our system, and no one wants sewage backing up into their basement.
Boy Scouts’ Seniors Outreach – Maple Bluff Boy Scouts of America Troop 5 has ten (10) scouts aged 11-18 available to provide assistance to our senior community during this time. They are very mindful of person to person contact, particularly of scout to senior. If any among our senior community would like further assistance, then our Troop 5 leaders of Scout Master Bruce Morrow, Assistant Scout Master Mark Little, Committee Chairman Kevin O’Driscoll and scout parents will determine if one of our scouts can safely assist you or a neighbor during this time. Please contact Kevin O’Driscoll, Troop 5 Committee Chairman, at (608) 212-3307, or email


Tanner A. Nystrom
Administrator / Chief of Police
Village of Maple Bluff
18 Oxford Place
Madison, WI. 53704
Work: (608) 244-3048
Desk: (608) 230-7654