Information Update for 4/17/2020
Date: 17 April, 2020

To: Village of Maple Bluff Residents

From: Tanner Nystrom, Village Administrator / Chief of Police

Subject: Safer at Home Update for the Village of Maple Bluff

Dear Residents,

I want to provide you with another update on our response to COVID-19 and the ongoing Safer at Home Order . Yesterday, Governor Evers announced Emergency Order #28 which goes into effect on April 24 th and effectively extends the Safer at Home Order until May 26 th . The new order makes some modifications to existing guidelines, which can be found in the Governor’s frequently asked questions guidance . For more information about Safer at Home, please visit Public Health’s website . Continue to call 911 for emergencies and (608) 255-2345 for non-emergency fire/EMS or police response. Report compliance concerns by emailing . We have done an outstanding job in responding as a community and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during our adherence to the new guidelines.

Golf Course Opening on April 24 th – We are glad to announce that the golf course will be allowed to open under the new Safer at Home Order! We also appreciate the Country Club allowing residents continued access to their grounds until they open on April 24 th . In the spirit of neighborly reciprocation, they ask that over the next week dogs be kept under control and their waste be disposed of in the waste containers available around the village. They also ask that we all stay off the greens and tees, away from sand traps, and avoid walking on fairways covered in frost; as these activities can cause damage. As a reminder, bicycles are not allowed on the course. After the pins are placed in the greens at 8am on April 24 th the course and club grounds will be closed to the public as usual. The club will not apply any fertilizers or plant protectant products prior to opening, but residents should be aware that the grounds are treated during the growing season.  If you are concerned about the timing of applications or have any questions, please contact the pro shop at (608) 249-2000, or the Golf Course Superintendent at (608) 249-3468. Thank you all for your cooperation and helping keep the course pristine and ready to open next week!

Construction, Landscaping, & Lawncare under New Guidelines – We receive daily requests for Safer at Home guidance on construction, landscaping, and lawncare services in the village. Under the newest guidelines that take effect on April 24 th , construction is an essential operation and may operate while complying with social distancing practices. Landscapers are also considered an essential, so long as the service is necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, businesses, or buildings. Optional or aesthetic residential construction and lawncare services can continue so long as the operation is performed by one person in a confined space or on site at a time. Residents and businesses with compliance concerns should report them by emailing .

Road Closures on North Sherman and Roxbury Next Week – The Gordon project is nearing completion and will be closing roads as part of that process. North Sherman Avenue will be closed from approximately 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday, April 20 th . Roxbury Road will be closed for through-traffic from approximately 6:00am on Monday April 20 th to 8:00am on Wednesday April 22 st . We are really looking forward to seeing this work completed and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding with the process.

Recreation Facilities All of our community playgrounds and courts remain closed, while parks are still open for use by the public as long as the activities conducted are in accordance with social distancing recommendations. We continue to evaluate when it will be appropriate to put out beach furniture communal equipment. Resident access to our gym, the Daily Cabin, and the beach house are still prohibited.

Trash Collection Health and Safety – Please be considerate to the health and wellbeing of our Public Works staff by bagging all trash. Our ability to deliver exceptional services relies on everyone helping us stay healthy and we greatly appreciate all of your support!

Municipal Court Cancelled for May – Maple Bluff Municipal Court proceedings for May are cancelled. Appearances that were scheduled for May will be rescheduled and court staff will attempt to contact all individuals impacted by this change.


Tanner A. Nystrom
Administrator / Chief of Police
Village of Maple Bluff
18 Oxford Place
Madison, WI. 53704
Work: (608) 244-3048
Desk: (608) 230-7654