Information Update for 6/2/2020
Date: 2 June, 2020

To: Village of Maple Bluff Residents

From: Tanner Nystrom, Village Administrator / Chief of Police

Subject: Village Safety Update

Dear Residents,

Over the past few days, we received a number of inquiries from citizens concerned for their safety. I want to take a moment to alleviate some of the stress you may feel as a result of civil unrest and elevated criminal activity. We have taken a number of preparatory actions and will continue to address the ongoing health and safety concerns that arise.  

On Saturday night, our department increased police presence throughout the village. We will maintain this posture as long as an elevated threat of crime persists. Our department increased staffing to ensure that officers are prepared for the evolving threats posed by criminals who hope to exploit any civil unrest. We remain vigilant in our patrolling of the community’s residential areas and small business district; with the intent of deterring opportunistic criminal activity and responding quickly to issues that arise. 

Our department is small, but we remain ready to respond with the help of our neighboring agencies. We maintain regular communications and the relationships we have with our surrounding communities is strong - we support each other for operations regularly. In the event of our need for assistance, we have access to the necessary resources to address a surge or spillover of criminal activity. 

The compounding effects of civil unrest, criminal activity, and a health emergency makes the job of our officers a very difficult one. Increased officer presence and proactivity to address the elevated criminal threat puts our team at greater risk of COVID-19 contagion. As a small department, this risk presents us with a significant vulnerability in the coming weeks. Despite this reality, the safety and security of our community now is our number one priority. 

As a community, we are strongest when we work together. Please lock your vehicles and homes, keep exterior lights on during hours of darkness, and immediately report suspicious or criminal activity. Call 911 for all emergencies and (608) 255-2345 for any non-emergencies that require police attention. 

I realize that this is a challenging time. Our officers are some of the finest and most professional law enforcement personnel I have had the opportunity to work with. Rest assured, your officers are responding to these trying times with grit and resilience. We are able to do so because of your support. We are all grateful to serve a community that values our contribution, and we will continue to ensure that you remain safe during turbulent times like these. 


Tanner A. Nystrom
Administrator / Chief of Police
Village of Maple Bluff
18 Oxford Place
Madison, WI. 53704
Work: (608) 244-3048
Desk: (608) 230-7654