Advisor Update | October 1, 2019
Do your affluent clients in the 60-plus age group have excess assets that they’d like to use to help benefit their children and grandchildren? Lafayette Life and whole life insurance may have a solution for them!
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What additional benefits do your clients need most from life insurance? More potential annual income or more guarantees? 
What if they could have both? Check out this consumer flyer offering a blend of GUL and IUL policies!
For clients who are concerned about estate tax issues, gifting provides an effective strategy to reduce the sizes of their estates, leaving more for loved ones. These clients may benefit from a leveraged gifting strategy. Use this flyer to start the
discussion today. 
Stacking term coverage can help your clients purchase the right amount of protection for the right length of time and may be the most cost-effective way to buy life insurance. Are you interested in helping your client customize their life insurance coverage to manage a lifetime of milestones? Check out this video.
Do you know that 55% of adults have tried to quit smoking? Is your client one of them?  Contact us to get them better rated policies! 
Beginning January 1, 2020, any new life products issued must use the 2017 CSO Table. To recognize changes in population life expectancy, life insurance regulation requires an update of the standard mortality table used to calculate minimum cash values and death benefit requirements. Click here for a list of deadline dates.
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