Advisor Update | November 17, 2020
Rising long-term care costs could deplete your clients’ savings quickly if they don’t plan proactively. Use these insights to help drive long-term care planning conversations, especially now; during Long-Term Care Awareness Month. 
As we approach the end of the year, please keep in mind important deadlines to ensure that all your business processes in a smooth and timely manner. Click here for all the details. 
Life insurance offers protection and can help your clients accumulate and keep more of their money. This new consumer-approved flyer explains how diversifying your client's retirement strategies by adding cash value life insurance can help make a difference.
When it comes to life insurance, it’s not about the products we sell, it’s about the stories we tell. We have 7 very short stories for you to incorporate into your sales presentations. Here's Conversation Starter #2: I Talk With A Lot of People.
Low interest rates present a unique and compelling opportunity for qualified high-net-worth clients to fund large insurance premiums using commercial premium finance loans. See the value of this technique here. 
You have many choices!
Click here for the various carrier programs, focused on the fluidless aspects of accelerated underwriting. 
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